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For years, readers have asked for the books following Simply Irresistible. But the previous publisher wouldn’t release the rights, so we couldn’t publish them. The rights have finally come back and now, for the first time in years, all three books in the Fates Trilogy are back in print! They also have appropriate covers for the first time as well.

The books are (in order):

Simply Irresistible, available in ebook and trade paperback

Absolutely Captivated, available in ebook and trade paperback

Totally Spellbound, available in ebook and trade paperback.

Even though the links above are to Amazon only, you can get these books at your favorite bookstore or through any other bookstore channel. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “New Kristine Grayson Books!

  1. Wow – excellent. I want to buy these for my sister (birthday today) – is there a DRM free version I can buy and send to her… or is there some trick with Amazon that allows me to do so?

  2. Really nice covers. They’ll stand out from the pack.
    Is this all of the Grayson novels out now?

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