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Next year, I will publish a Retrieval Artist novella in one of the Fiction River anthologies. We’re offering a signed, limited edition of the novella as part of the Fiction River Kickstarter project. The edition of the novella will only be available through Kickstarter. Also, as part of the Kickstarter project, we’re offering ten Advance Reader Copies of Blowback, the next Retrieval Artist novel. That will be marked as a Kickstarter edition, and will arrive on your doorstep in September. Again, this is very limited. I’ll sign the copies–and there will be no more than ten. The novella will come out in the spring and will be limited only by the number of people who sign up for it on Kickstarter. You can find out more on Kickstarter itself at this link.

2 thoughts on “Retrieval Artist Fans!

  1. I want the county library to pre-order copies of ‘Blowback’ but I can’t tell them a publishing date. Can you help me?

    btw. I love your books about the retrieval artist.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Bob.

      The publishing date is December, but the book is not in the pipeline yet, so you probably can’t preorder. They won’t see the book in their pipeline until the end of September, maybe later. They can, however, order the audio book for you. That will be out on September 11.

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