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WMG Publishing spent the entire summer rebranding the covers for the Retrieval Artist series. During the fall, all of the books will be reissued in trade paper editions with these covers. The e-books already have them. Those of you who can’t wait until Blowback comes out in ebook or trade, you’ll be able to get it on September 11 from Audible in audio book form.

Now take a peek at these great covers!

8 thoughts on “Cover Rebranding

  1. Kris, one thing I noticed looking back over your new covers is that the central images seem to be mostly atmospheric and/or locational. I’ve been considering going a different route, using more of a central (or slightly offset) figure, sort of along the style of Jim Butcher’s Dresden File covers.

    Care to talk about why you decided upon this route? The purposes of your design? I’m not balking, just interested (because my own thoughts might yet change).


  2. Hmm, funny, that. I’m slowly working on rebranding for two different series I write. Don’t know if I’ll have it all finished by the end of the year, but I can hope.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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