Free Fiction Monday: The Front Porch

The Front Porch: the place, literal or figurative, where Americans watch the world go by. Journalists help expand America’s front porch to a worldwide stage. They put on a pretty face and soften the blow of ugly news. They must hold the line between “need to know” and “too much information.” But when the horrors of the world become just another day at the office, what cost
2940016013459_p0_v1_s260x420will delivering the news exact on those at its heart?

“The Front Porch” by USA Today bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch is available for $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and in other e-bookstores.

The free story will only be available for one week.  If you missed this one, click on the links above.  There’s another free story lurking somewhere around this site. Track it down, read, and enjoy.

10 responses to “Free Fiction Monday: The Front Porch”

  1. Josephine Wade says:

    Wow, I agree with Ginny — simply gorgeous — one of the best reads I’ve read in awhile.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Steven Davis says:

    Kristine –

    Are you going to publish a “All the Mondays, 2012” as a collection or some such?

    • Not as Monday stories. What I’m slowly (very slowly) doing is putting the stories in groups of five and reprinting them. Some will also go in groups of ten. I’ve still got about a year or two (maybe three) of backlist. I started this in November 2010, and I’m still going! It amazes me. 🙂 Thanks for the query.

      • Steven Davis says:

        It might be nice to pull together an index page (or pages) of your free fiction / short fiction back list so that they are easier to scan through (and/or buy). Just as you’ve done with your series.

        Not because they are free, but your short works are a lot of fun.

        A gift every week!

        As a business comment, it might also be good to link to related stories or novels at the end of the piece:

        “If you liked Front Porch, you should check out….”

        This is especially true for the free fiction works..

        • Thanks, Steve. I delete the free fiction after a week, and the actual post itself after about three months. That way, if, by some weird chance, I run out of fiction, I can safely rerun something. 🙂 I kinda like appointment fiction. It’s fun for me too.

          And I do add related stories if they’re in the same world. Check out “Unnatural Disaster” from last week. I listed the other stories in the same series. (WMG does the “if you like” thing in the actual e-book and paper books.)

          • Steven Davis says:

            I think I’d use WordPress’s ability to have named, but not dated URLs so that you wouldn’t have to delete the summary and could still rerun it later:


            That way, if a reader likes it or links to it, there will always be a live link and way to buy the story.

            It is highly unlikely that anyone will catch you if you rerun anything…

            and I’d be surprised if it would ever happen, given your body of work!

            (I have purchased a FFM story and participated in your Kickstarter, by the way)

  3. Ferran says:

    Ouch! That’s a hard one.

  4. Ginny B says:

    Gorgeous, Kris. Just gorgeous.

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