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I have more announcements than I know how to handle. Which is cool and nifty and fun, but also a bit overwhelming.

First, lots of new audio books, including The Black Queen and The Black King, for those of you who have been waiting. My very first novel, The White Mists of Power, has an audio version now. So does my stand-alone sf novel, Alien Influences.  Becalmed is now on audio, as is Coolhunting. So is Surviving The Transition. There’ll be a lot more novels and nonfiction soon, as well as several shorter works. Watch here for more announcements.

And as I got this ready to post, two more of my books went live on Audible. They are The Freelancer’s Survival Guide (yes, the whole dang thing!) and Standing Up For Grace. I have to say that Julie Eickhoff’s narration on the Survival Guide (and Surviving The Transition) make even the numbers sections sound interesting. I wasn’t sure that could be done. 🙂

I’ve gotten so far behind that I haven’t had a chance to do the monthly novel excerpts. Rather than continue that as a monthly tradition, it’ll be a whenever tradition. Or when there’s a new release. And there will be a lot of new releases this year. The first new release is a novel close to my heart, rather like the mystery short stories I write, called Bleed Through. We decided to do a slow launch on this book. I wanted to experiment to see how long it took for the book to sell without any promotion except me telling you all that the book exists. (This is partly for my blog, partly for me, and partly because the book is such a departure.) I’ll have an excerpt for you on the weekend.

Plus new novellas, like The Tower, and The End of the World, have also appeared. And my story “Uncertainty” came out this month in Asimov’s. So lots of information, lots of cool things, many stories to read in many formats. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello and congratulations on your audiobook launches. I am about to record my own audiobooks. However I would ask your thoughts on Amazon patenting the right to re-sell ebooks – and presumably also pre-loved digital copies of audio books.
    I may be wrong but I see this as another really effective way for authors to lose an income over their ‘used’ pre-read mobi and epub files which can be on-sold ad-infinitum without discernible wear and tear or royalties paid to the content creator. What about amazon reselling ebooks given away for free?
    The lovely new world of indie publishing feels like it is crashing into exploitation once more.

    1. Right now, it’s not an issue, Christine. There are a lot of court cases and legal hurdles to get past before this even becomes a possibility, which is why I’m not commenting on it. When it becomes more than an idea, then I’ll talk about it in my blog. No worries. But right now, it’s years away if it even happens at all.

  2. I only buy from B&N (avoiding the One Basket Eggs and supporting physical bookstores), so I’m guessing you don’t get the tiny bonus from that like you do with Amazon. Should I just send you a couple bucks or buy you a drink at Westercon or Worldcon or something?

  3. As someone who go to read Bleed Through early, I can attest that it’s an amazing book. A difficult read at times – this isn’t light subject matter – but very much worth it!

  4. Would it be okay to ask if you’re going through the Audible match-up, for your audiobooks? (I’m sort of dithering about them; it’s my understanding that Amazon owns Audible, and I’m having All Eggs In One Basket twitches. But I don’t know of any other audiobook company that offers the so-painless option of Share The Royalties Automagically…)

    Thank you for the consideration of the question, and all that stilted (but sincere) jazz. 🙂

    1. Audible bought a lot of my titles before they did ACX. The neat thing about Audible is that they market to a variety of places, not just on Amazon, so I don’t feel like all my eggs are in one marketing basket (although they’re in one [gigantic] financial basket). I’m doing a mixture of Audible (the traditional publisher) and ACX (Audible the indie) for my titles right now, but some–those that need constant updating–will go completely indie. Just haven’t got there yet and will do that later in the year. I’m very happy with their system and the way that they work. But then, I’ve been with Audible in one way or another since 2007 or so.

  5. “I wanted to experiment to see how long it took for the book to sell without any promotion except me telling you all that the book exists.”

    Ha! Too late. Almost 10 days too late. Beat you, smashwords paying troubles and all. I’m sure that’ll teach y…

    Oh. Wait…

      1. My pleasure.

        I’ve become used to checking WMGs site at smashwords late week. It usually pays off. And sometimes the browser fills up the address anyhow when I type anything with “…smash…”

        Yes, I type my addresses. Frequent ones, too.

        Take care.

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