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Dean has posted the new online writing workshop schedule through September. I don’t teach these onscreen, but I help massively behind the scenes. If you want to see my mug, check out the lecture series.

You can take more than one class at a time, but it is a commitment. There’s homework. Also, if you plan to try to get your POD books distributed through Ella Distribution in July, then I would strongly suggest you take the cover and interiors workshops.

If you can’t come to the Coast for our workshops, this is the next best thing.

Here’s Dean’s post, reprinted in its entirety:

New Online Workshop Schedule

Posted on March 18, 2013 by dwsmith

I thought I would post this here as well under the Online Workshop tab above to let everyone know about the Online Workshop schedule between now and September 1st.

These workshops will round out and finish the first year of Online Workshops. Not a clue what the second year will bring. We might change these, we might stop completely. We’ll decide later this summer.

Each workshop is $300, lasts six weeks, and takes about four hours of your time per week to complete if you do the assignments involved with each workshop. Each workshop is limited to around 12 writers so that each writer can get individual attention when needed.

You work on each workshop on your own time, at your own pace each week. Each week has about seven or eight videos and each video is between 6 and 12 minutes long. Easy to come and go as your schedule allows.

Right now this schedule completes one year of workshops. That’s kind of fun that they worked and people seem to get their money’s worth out of each one. And honestly, I’ve learned a lot from your questions and doing these. Which has helped me as well, so thanks everyone.

Please pass the word to those you think might benefit from these. They are open to everyone who wants to learn.

The full description of each workshop and how to sign up is under the Online Workshop tab above.

These are the starting dates of upcoming workshops. All have openings at the moment.

Class #13… April 1st  … Cliffhangers
Class #14… April 2nd  … Pitches and Blurbs
Class #15… April 3rd  … Essentials
Class #16… April 4th  … From Idea to Story
Class #16a… April 5th … Genre Structure

Class #D8… May 6th … Designing Book Covers
Class #D9… May 7th  … Designing Book Interiors
Class #N3… May 8th  … Plot Your Novel
Class #N4… May 9th  … World Building
Class #16b… May 10th  … Openings

Class #17… June 3rd … Cliffhangers
Class #18… June 4th … Pitches and Blurbs
Class #19… June 5th … Genre Structure
Class #20… June 6th … Openings
Class #21… June 7th … Idea to Story

Class #22… July 8th … World Building
Class #23… July 9th … Plot Your Novel
Class #24… July 10th … Designing Book Covers
Class #25… July 11th … Designing Book Interiors
Class #26… July 12th … Essentials

Class #27… August 5th … Ideas to Story
Class #28… August 6th … Openings
Class #29… August 7th … Genre Structure
Class #30… August 8th … Pitches and Blurbs
Class #31…  August 9th …. Cliffhangers

Class #32… Sept 2nd … Essentials
Class #33… Sept 3rd … Plot Your Novel
Class #34… Sept 4th … World Building
Class #35… Sept 5th … Designing Book Covers
Class #36… Sept 6th … Designing Book Interiors

Any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Full information under the online workshop tab above.

One year. Who knew these things would last that long? (grin)


5 thoughts on “Online Writing Workshops

  1. Cliffhangers was a terrific workshop and a godsend to those of us on the east coast who suffer from severe jet lag. While I’ve enjoyed my two trips to Oregon, I didn’t miss the airborne root canal that is air travel these days. The online workshops are a great way to learn for those who have a tight schedule as well. I highly recommend them.

  2. I’m just finishing up my first two courses with Dean (and Kris) and have signed up for more. I consider these courses to be a very worthwhile investment of both time and money. Dean blew my mind in the first or second week with a total paradigm shift about writing, and there was a lot of other stuff that I have never seen in any writing craft book, and I’ve read so many they are all starting to sound the same.

    It’s definitely changed the trajectory of my learning curve 🙂

  3. As someone who has completed two of these and am currently in two more, all I can say is, “Do it!” I’ve never seen writing instruction like this before. Some of it you may think you know, but after you hear Dean describe it, you’ll REALLY know it.

    Okay, gushing over. There are still a couple more I want to take, but I have to survive the workshop on the coast this June first. 🙂

    1. I am a fledging (67 year old, now retired) writer. I have published some poetry but would like to try and get some chldrens’ stories published. Do you have any suggestions for online writing workshops? My sister sent me the link for “The Business Rusch: The Death of Publishing’. It was quite helpful. I heard Amazon will e-publish if they like your work. I haven’t contacted them yet. Thank you for any suggestions.

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