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WMG Publishing will publish my novel Snipers in July. This is the best novel you’ve never heard of. It went through all kinds of sales meetings at all sorts of publishers, all the way up the ladder, and in the end, someone wanted me to take out something that made the novel what it is.  What it is is a mix of several genres (what a surprise, coming from me) all put together in a thriller plot. Here’s the back cover copy, so you can see what I mean–kinda. It was hard to get the right sales material without giving important parts of the book away.

978-0615762050-2TThe Carnival Sniper—as famous as Jack The Ripper. And like Jack The Ripper, never caught, his identity lost to history. In 1913, the Carnival Sniper terrorized Vienna, murdering the famous and not-so-famous alike. Police Detective Johann Runge never caught the Sniper and his failure defined the rest of his life. In 2005, bestselling crime writer Sofie Branstadter receives permission to use modern forensic investigative techniques on the Sniper’s victims. She believes she can figure out the identity of the Sniper, but she needs the help of Runge’s great-grandson, classical pianist Anton Runge. Together the two of them plunge into a world of scientific evidence and fantastic clues, all leading to one unbelievable conclusion. 

“The SF thriller is alive and well, and today’s leading practitioner is Kristine Kathryn Rusch.” —Analog

“A little gem of a thriller. Startling and wonderfully effective.” —The Daily Mail (London) on Hitler’s Angel 

“Part police procedural, part political thriller, this clever tale features real life characters interacting with fictional ones.” —New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Deaver on G-Men

The book will appear in ebook, trade paper, and audio format. You can preorder the trade paper right now. You’ll have to wait to order the ebook and the audio until July.

18 thoughts on “Snipers PreOrder

  1. Sounds like a really interesting read – I love fantasy and history, and combining the two is always on my Fun to Read list. 🙂 Going to Amazon to have a look…

    1. Whoops, just realized it’s at Ella Distribution, so I put it on my Wish List there (along with one of the Fiction River anthologies). 🙂

  2. The fact that someone wanted something taken out of this book is head-shaking to me. I can’t see how the book would work without all of its elements!

    (Note to other commenters: I had the privilege of copyediting Snipers. All I can say is, it was hard not to keep reading ahead in excitement…I kept having to drag myself back down to the words.)

  3. Looks great, Kris!
    I hate to go off topic, but any plans for new “Diving” books? 🙂 Dean just mentioned those in one of the courses, and I haven’t been reading anything else for the last week!

  4. The cover blurb is not only attractive, it ends with a tantalizing little hook.

    I just preordered a copy of the trade paperback, and I’m looking forward to it’s arrival. With luck it will be here on (or at least very close to) my birthday. 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Kris,

    The blurb is very attractive.

    Is the Carnival Sniper a real historical character? I could find nothing about him online.

    Can you write tips on how you perform research on foreign cities and locals, even places you haven’t visited and how to avoid over-researching?

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