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978-0615783505-2TFirst, Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds is out! You can get your e-copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and in other e-bookstores. You can get your print copy wherever books are sold. Here are a few links to help you along: Amazon, Barnes & Noble.  So…get your copy! Enjoy! We’re hugely thrilled that the book is out.

Second, WMG Publishing is serializing my new mystery novel, Spree, on the WMG website. Chapter One is up, and the serialization will continue until the very last chapter. If you get hooked and can’t wait, the ebook is already available, and the trade paper will appear in early May. Here’s the cover copy:


Two days ago, Moira escaped the Midwest with Kasey and her Barbie doll in the back seat of a beat-up van. Now, on sun-drenched Highway 95 in nowheresville Nevada, she wonders if she escaped at all. The residents of Hawthorne, one of the few towns in the desert and her ultimate destination, use bombshells as lawn decorations. She thinks Hawthorne marks the end of her trip; instead, it marks the beginning of one strange and scary adventure, one she and Kasey need to survive.

You can read the book chapter by chapter for free every week here or you can get a jump on your friends by the e-book from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo or in other ebookstores. I’ll announce when the trade is available as well.


12 thoughts on “Two New Exceptionally Fun Things

  1. I’d love to get this for the library where I work. Does WMG work with OverDrive at all? Is there any way I would be able to get the audio version that way?

    1. Are you talking about Fiction River, Beth? The audio version will be on Audible in a few weeks. I’m not sure if they work with libraries or not. As for the paper copies, I’ll forward this to WMG. I’m not sure who they work with, although getting into libraries is a goal.

      1. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I am talking about Fiction River. We’ve already purchased Bleed Through in paper, so if it needs to be paper we can do that, but I was hoping to get a digital copy of the audio version. We can’t work with Audible directly as a library, unfortunately. For audio the biggest platform for digital download lending is OverDrive, but I don’t see WMG listed as one of the publishers they work with. I appreciate you forwarding this on to them. Thanks.

        1. I’m afraid right now the audio versions are only on Audible for most of our stuff (and iTunes, etc) We will offer some weekly podcasts of fiction for free, but that’s down the road. And thank you for getting the print version of Bleed Through! Much appreciated. 🙂 I did forward you to WMG for other library stuff, if there is some.

  2. Kris,

    Got my email with ebook link yesterday. Unfortunately the link was for an ePub copy. While I can read ePubs in the iBooks app I really dislike its faux-book graphics that eat up so much screen real-estate and distract from the important bit; the words.

    Anyway, a quick email and very impressive less than 20 minute response from Jerimy at WMG resulted in a smashwords code and link. I now have the book on my kindle and am looking forward to a long reading session tonight.

    Thank you, Kris, and thanks also to Jerimy at WMG. I was expecting to have to wait a few more days before I could read it.

    PS – I noticed that the ePub copy from Ella contains only a generic text cover whereas the mobi version contains the proper cover image. Is that an oversight for the ePub version?

    1. Thanks, John. I’m glad Jerimy could help you. He’s great. As for Ella v mobi, not a clue. [shrug] They take care of all the tech stuff, not me. I’ll forward your comment to Jerimy, and see what they say. Enjoy!

  3. That’s great news! Did the Fiction River copies already go out to the Kickstarter donors? I may have missed an email.

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