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Too much news to keep up with on these pages, but I’ll do my best. WMG Publishing is providing two different free fiction pieces every week. One is a serialization of my novel, Spree. The third installment hit ASF_June2013webtoday.  All the previous chapters will remain on the site, so you can catch up if you’re behind.

The other fiction piece is a free story every Friday. Some stories will be from Fiction River, others from different WMG Publications. The story from last Friday is one of my Grayson stories, The Charming Way. There will be a new story this Friday–and no, I don’t know what it will be, nor do I know if I’ll remember to post something about it. So set yourself up on their RSS Feed or be sure to check on Friday. Like the free fiction here, the stories will be up for one week only.

9781781080887_p0_v3_s260x420For more free fiction, you can read my novelette, “Echea,” in the new Galaxy’s Edge magazine, edited by Mike Resnick. It’s online or you can subscribe.

Finally, for more traditional choices, you can find three brand new stories from me. The first, in Asimov’s June issue, is “Skylight,” a story related to my DeLake novels. It’s space opera with a twist. The second is a time travel story called “When Thomas Jefferson Dined Alone,” in a wonderful anthology called Solaris Rising 2edited by Ian Whates. I’ve been slowly reading through the anthology and have several stories to recommend from it. The third story is one that might have gotten lost in all the Fiction River excitement. I have a story in Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds called “Shadow Side.” It’s one of my Oregon stories, set in the same world as my novel Fantasy Life, with a character familiar to those of you who’ve read “The Women of Whale Rock,” and some of the other stories in that series. If you’re on the fence about picking up Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds, here’s a review that might change your mind.

Lots to read, some of it free. Enjoy!

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