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Fiction River #2 will be coming out in about a month. I can share both the final cover for the trade paper and the list of names in the volume. John Helfers did a fantastic job editing this issue. It’s got some edgy stories, and powerful stories (which are, sometimes, one and the same). I’m really pleased with our second issue. So subscribe now in order to get a copy before all your friends get theirs! (And the upcoming issues are great as well.) Here’s the cover: FR How to Save the World POD coverIn case you can’t read the names clearly, the issue has stories by  David Gerrold, William H. Keith, Ron Collins, Laura Resnick, Stephanie Writt, Angela Penrose, Annie Reed, Dean Wesley Smith, Lisa Silverthorne, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Travis Heermann. This anthology is unlike any you’ve ever read. So pick one up!

And in more Fiction River news, Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds is in audio. WMG’s marvelous Jane Kennedy did a multi-voice volume that really does justice to the stories. You can order it here.


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