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Lots of news from the Diving Universe.

Skirmishes ebook coverFirst, let me share the cover for the fourth Diving novel, Skirmishes. I love this cover. The art is by Philcold, design by Allyson Longueira of WMG Publishing. And here’s the cover copy:

The answers Captain Jonathan “Coop” Cooper and the crew of the Ivoire seek lie in the Boneyards. But they must wait for Boss and her team to dive it, explore the wrecks, and piece together what happened in that faraway place. 

Boss loves the challenge. Thousands of ships, centuries of history, all play to her strengths. In her absence, she trusts Coop to defend the Nine Planets Alliance against the Enterran Empire.

But an encounter from Coop’s recent past shows up to haunt him, an encounter he never told Boss about, an encounter that could threaten her future, his life, and the fragile peace between the Alliance and the Empire.

Skirmishes will go on sale in September. I’ll let you know when preorders are available.

In August, Asimov’s will publish another standalone Diving novella called The Application of Hope. I’ll share the cover and the links for orders as soon as they’re available. (Probably next week.)

Finally, WMG Publishing has released all of the Diving novellas. I’m putting the covers here, in chronological order. Some of these novellas are parts of the novels, and a few, like Becalmed, never got bundled into the novels (or haven’t yet). Philcold did the art for all of these, and Allyson designed them. Lovely, eh?

Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls is a new novella. It is the companion novella to a novella, Encounter on Starbase Kappa,  that will appear in Asimov’s later this year.  Both Strangers and Encounter will appear in different form in Skirmishes. Lots of Diving to read! Enjoy!



Note: Becalmed and Spires are also available on audio as are the first three Diving novels, Diving into the Wreck, City of Ruins, and Boneyards. Skirmishes will be released on audio in September, along with the paper and ebook versions of the book.

18 thoughts on “Diving News!

  1. Kris, do I have this correct? I like to contribute to LibraryThing, and this sort of fussing is amusing and helpful…

    1.0 Diving into the Wreck
    1.1 (variant part) The Room Of Lost Souls
    1.5 Becalmed
    2.0 City of Ruins
    2.1 (variant part) Becoming One With the Ghosts
    3.0 Boneyards
    3.1 (variant part) Stealth
    4.0 Skirmishes
    4.1 (variant part) Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls

    Thanks for taking a look.

    1. Thank you for adding this to Library thing, Chris. Actually, a couple small corrections. There are 2 Diving into the Wrecks, the novella (which is in the novel) and Diving into the Wreck the novel. I’m assuming you want this to be chronological for the action in the stories. So here’s how it goes.

      Diving novella, Room of Lost Souls novella, Diving novel (includes both novellas and a section not available as a novella), Becalmed, Becoming One With the Ghosts, City of Ruins (includes Becoming one with the Ghosts), Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls, Stealth, Boneyards (includes Stealth), Skirmishes (includes Strangers)

      The Application of Hope (in Asimov’s August issue) comes before Diving into the Wreck (either version). Then Encounter on Starbase Kappa (in Oct/Nov Asimov’s I think) comes at the same time as Strangers and will be in Skirmishes as well. I hope that helps! Let me know if it doesn’t.

  2. Great news! Been waiting for the next one. I have the traditionally published ones from before, are the WMG paperpack versions different in size dimensions though?

  3. Kris: Congratulations, both for the novel, and for taking complete control of your publishing destiny. Just a few minutes ago, I was on Amazon.com, to make an impulse purchase of another author’s work. I’d heard of his books but had not gotten around to them yet. So I decided to take the plunge. AND THE ONE I WANTED WAS OUT OF PRINT. Two well-received big budget films have been made of his novels, including the specific novel I was interested in. But, as Amazon tells me “this is now available only from third party sellers.” For over $50. Well, there went that impulse buy…..

      1. For what it’s worth, the CreateSpace printing of “Becalmed” is listed as “available from these sellers” for $295.50 Used or $341.50 New. I wonder if those sellers actually expect someone to buy them at those prices, or it there’s something else going on there.

        Or maybe you just didn’t realize the WMG version was so thoroughly under-priced, huh? 🙂

  4. Congrats, Kris! They look great. Can’t wait to see them!

    Out of curiosity, did you commission philcold to do the artwork, or did you find them among his work on Dreamstime? Either way, they look great.

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