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978-0615762050-2TI haven’t been keeping you up on the audio news because there is so much of it! First, let me tell you about Snipers. Audible has decided to promote Snipers as one of its main books in July. Snipers won’t be released in any format until July 15, but on Audible, you can preorder a copy. All preorders get counted toward the first day’s sales. So if you’re interested, please order before the on-sale date. Here’s the back cover copy from Snipers:

The Carnival Sniper – as famous as Jack The Ripper. And like Jack The Ripper, never caught, his identity lost to history. In 1913, the Carnival Sniper terrorized Vienna, murdering the famous and not-so-famous alike. Police Detective Johann Runge never caught the Sniper and his failure defined the rest of his life. In 2005, best-selling crime writer Sofie Branstadter receives permission to use modern forensic investigative techniques on the Sniper’s victims. She believes she can figure out the identity of the Sniper, but she needs the help of Runge’s great-grandson, classical pianist Anton Runge. Together the two of them plunge into a world of scientific evidence and fantastic clues, all leading to one unbelievable conclusion.

It’s also been getting great reviews. 

RT Book Reviews says:

Set in an alternate reality, this story switches from 1913 to 2005 as the reader follows along on the trail of a killer. Chilling murders, mind-blowing suspense, a touch of time travel and a bit of romance combine for a thought-provoking, entertaining vacation from reality. 

Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine says:

This is a fast-moving thriller, and the ending implies that a sequel is in the works.  I’ll be reading it.

And AstroGuyz say:

Snipers is an excellent amalgamation of history, thriller, mystery & science fiction. Rusch lays out the period in meticulous detail, as only she can.  She’s perhaps the only living author that could include time travelers and Hitler in a story in a new and refreshing way.

If you click on the audio link in the widget to  my right, you’ll be able to hear an excerpt of Snipers. If that doesn’t work for you, please go here.

2940016679761_p0_v1_s260x420In addition to the Snipers audiobook, you can also order the second volume of Fiction River, How To Save The World. Jane Kennedy at WMG produced a great audio anthology, and we all had fun putting together the final story in the volume as a mini-radio play. If you click on this link, you can hear Jane reading an excerpt from Laura Resnick’s story, “Your Name Here.”

Both issues of Fiction River are now available in audio. You can find Unnatural Worlds here.

Finally, some of my Kristine Grayson books have appeared in audio. You can order Completely Smitten, Simply Irresistible, Totally Spellbound, and Standing Up For Grace right now, with Absolutely Captivated on the way soon. Just click on the titles to go to the books.


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      1. I hope you release some signed copies. I’m really looking forward to this book and I think I asked about it when you first blogged about it several months ago.

        Waiting, waiting. 🙂

        1. Next week, Steven! It’ll be available next week. And I forwarded the note to WMG, with a request that it be considered for signed copies. We’ll see. They’re really stretched to the limit right now. I can always sign someone’s copy if they send it via regular mail with a stamped return envelope. Thanks!

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