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The nifty StoryBundle with eight books and one magazine will end in a little over four days. This weekend is your last chance to set your own price for a bundle of books which includes novels by Kevin J. Anderson, Gregory Benford, Michael A. Stackpole, BV Larson, David Farland, Mike Resnick, and Frank Herbert. If you haven’t tried my Retrieval Artist series, the first book in that series, The Disappeared, is also in the bundle, along with the June issue of Lightspeed Magazine.  You can set your own price, but if you pay less than $10, you only get six books. Over $10, you will get all eight and the magazine. This is a fantastic deal, folks, but hurry. Time is literally running out on this one.

And while you order, open a second screen and listen to WMG’s free weekly fiction podcast. This week, it features one of my favorite Dean Wesley Smith stories, “In The Shade of The Slowboat Man.” The story is award-nominated and quite touching.

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