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2940016187372_p0_v1_s260x420First, for this weekend only, Kobo and WMG Publishing are offering a 30% off sale on these e-books: A Dangerous Road (the first book in my Smokey Dalton mystery series2940148457589_p0_v1_s260x420 (written as Kris Nelscott)), The Fates Trilogy (all three Fates books under my Kristine Grayson pen name), Snipers (my newest novel), and The Perfect Man edition which has both my Kristine Rusch novelette and the novel I wrote as Kristine Dexter plus an introduction. The Perfect Man stories came from the same idea but are very different in execution. If you want to get the books, you need to use this promo code before August 19th: GET30OFF

A Dangerous Road eb#14C5A26And if that’s not enough for you, you can now preorder the Kris Nelscott titles on audio, narrated by Mirron Willis. Audible will publish the first six on September 30, in anticipation of the seventh, Street Justice, which will appear in March. (And yes, it will be in all formats, from hardcover to trade paper to audio to ebook.) WMG is slowly releasing the trade paperbacks over the next six months as well. You can buy A Dangerous Road in trade now, with the others to follow. Or you can get them in ebook format right now (including that Kobo promotion above!)

And for those of you who aren’t aware of Fiction River, our anthology series, the third volume–edited by 978-0615762050-2TDean–will appear next week. You can listen to a fantastic story in the volume, “The Elevator in the Cornfield,” by Scott William Carter, on WMG’s weekly free short story podcast. (WMG has free content on its website almost every day of the week. It’s worth checking out. This week it also features a free short story of mine, “Dragon Slayer.”)

Remember, the Kobo promotion will only last until August 19. That’s the weekend. And you can get SnipersThe Perfect Man special edition, The Fates Trilogy, and A Dangerous Road. Have fun!

10 thoughts on “Sales, Audio Books, And More!

  1. I’ve only been an indie for a year, and I’ve never even come close to being head-hunted, but the picture you paint of the traditional publishing industry resonated with all the other little things I’ve picked up this last year.

    I still hope some big publisher will approach me – but only because that will mean I’ve already made it on my own!

    Great post. Thanks you.

  2. I just bought The Perfect Man at Kobo, using the discount code on the listed price of $9.99. I then tried to buy The Fates Trilogy, again using the discount code, but Kobo only allows use of codes one time, and told me the code was invalid. The price shown at Kobo’s website was $19.99 for the trilogy. Eventually, I’ll buy them too, but not today. *sigh*

    1. Oh, bummer, Naleta. Wish I’d known that up front. Maybe if you’d put them all in your cart and then the code??? I’ll let WMG know about this glitch. It won’t help for this promotion, but it might for future ones. Thanks for letting me know. (And I hope you enjoy The Perfect Man!)

  3. Kris, I see on, the Fates trilogy is priced at $21.33 whereas it is at $15.99 on Kobo. This is without using the promo code. Do you think it is because I’m surfing from France ? (I’ve noticed ebooks to be more costly when ordered from France).

    What is the maximum amount in order to get the 70% of rayalties with Kobo in the US ? In France, I think that’s €12.99.

    1. I think the difference is that WMG is setting the prices in France for Kobo, but not on Amazon. Don’t know if it’s not possible on Amazon or if they just haven’t gotten to it yet. And maximum amount in the US was $9.99. Don’t know if it still is. I think with the exchange rate, that’s equivalent.

      1. My mistake. Yes, it was €15.99 on the Kobo Store in France. And on, it’s also €15.99. That’s $19.99 in the US.

        Kris, in France, the maximum threshold to make 70% of royalties on a given ebook on Kobo is €12.99.

        I think you would make more money by lowering the price of the Fates Trilogy to €12.99 : 70% of €12.99 is better than 45% of €15.99 (you gain 2 euros by ebook). I don’t know for Kobo’s threshold in the US.

        For Amazon, yes, the threshold is $9.99. Kobo is better for that (and Apple, too).

        Just my 2 cents…

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