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I just heard from that they’ve decided to put several of my audiobooks on a great special. If you have already bought the Kindle edition of the books listed below, then you can get the audiobook for 99 cents. That’s right: If you bought the Kindle edition, you can get the audio edition for less than a dollar.

If you haven’t bought the Kindle edition of those books, but want the inexpensive audio, you can buy the Kindle edition now and then get the audio edition for 99 cents. Follow this link to the entire special.

This special lasts until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 11, so act really fast.

The books are:

The Disappeared (The first book in the Retrieval Artist series)

Buried Deep (The fourth book in the Retrieval Artist series)

Duplicate Effort (The seventh book in the Retrieval Artist series)

Anniversary Day (The eighth book in the Retrieval Artist series)

The Changeling (The second book in the Fey series)

G-Men (alternate history novelette)

Time Management (A Freelancer’s Survival Guide Short Book)

Networking in Person & Online (A Freelancer’s Survival Guide Short Book)

Getting Started (A Freelancer’s Survival Guide Short Book)

Before you ask, I have no idea why some books in a series are in this special and some are not.

Remember, you have about 48 hours to act on this. If you already own these books in the Kindle edition, then download the audio for 99 cents. Seriously, that’s a heck of a savings. And if you were thinking of buying any of these, I’d do it now in Kindle form and get the audio bundled in for 99 cents. 


3 thoughts on “An Audio Deal

  1. Kris,

    I’m curious. Did they contact to get permission first? How will this special pricing affect your royalties? How is this covered in the terms and conditions of your contract?

    I realize you may not want to discuss some (or all) of this for privacy reasons, but perhaps a general discussion, without revealing the specifics of your own contract, might be a good subject for your Thursday blog.

    1. They can discount price at Audible according to my contract. All sublicensing agreements (and book contracts for that matter) allow for discounting. The contract details how the writer/provider gets paid in a discount situation, and each contract is different, so there’s no way to blog about it. Hope that helps.

      Note that the Kindle books are not discounted. This really benefits me and the others in the ad by promoting our ebooks to people who might not have seen/bought them before. All without me lifting a finger. 🙂

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