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Or something like that. I mean, even I get tired of calling these news posts “News!”

So, here’s a few things you might want to catch up on.

Diving-Bundle-ebook-cover-187x300First, WMG Publishing has put together a Diving Bundle. They’ve compiled six of the novellas from the Diving universe into one hefty ebook, and had me write an introduction. If you’ve read the first four Diving novels, then  you’ve read all but one of these novellas in different form. If you haven’t read the novels, you’re in for a treat. The novellas all stand alone. Most were cover stories on Asimov’s Science Fiction and/or won the Reader’s Choice Award. The first novella, the one that started it all, also called Diving Into The Wreck also won some international science fiction awards as well. (And, if you live in the UK, Kobo is offering 30% off this ebook for this weekend only. Enter promo code: september30)

51JaDP39j7L._SL300_I realized today that some of  you didn’t know that the fourth Diving universe novel, Skirmishes, appeared this month. You can get it in all formats, from e-book to audio to trade paper. Click here to see the links.

Speaking of audio, Fiction River’s third volume, Time Streams, just appeared on Audible. We assembled this one at WMG Publishing, under the guide of the brilliant Jane Kennedy. The voice on the sample is WMG’s wonderful publisher, Allyson Longueira. She wrote a blog post about her narrator experience here. Pick up an audio copy. You’ll have a great deal of fun. Of course, you can get the anthology in paper and ebook as well.

And one more Fiction River audio plug. You should know by now that WMG publishes a weekly free fiction podcast. This week’s story, by M.L. Buchman, comes from the upcoming fourth volume. His “Ghost of Willow’s Past” should touch your heart. Hurry, though. You have less than a week to listen before the podcast disappears and a new one takes its place.

WMG also puts up free fiction every Friday. This week’s story is one of my personal favorites of my own work, “The Amazing Quizmo.” And don’t forget they’re serializing my novel Spreeadding a chapter every Tuesday. You can start from the beginning or catch up. You’ll find it here.

Dean and I teach a lot of workshops over the years. Some are on the Oregon Coast, including a big one that will happen in the early part of next year. You can see the list here. We also provide a bunch of online workshops, and we’re taking signups for October right now. Here’s the link to that list. And then, for those of you who don’t want to commit to weeks of workshopping, we have a lecture series on various writing topics. The link to that list is right here.

BVSZMEqCUAAhzXIFinally, because the rest of this post was so newsy and serious, I decided to share a picture of today’s assistant, my Mighty Mouser, Sir Galahad of Kitten. He usually helps me with my writing. As you can tell from the photo, he’s also in charge of the schedule. Of course, as I type this, he’s sitting on the stairs outside of my office. A mouse has invaded our humble home, and Galahad will find it. Between naps and commanding me, of course.


10 thoughts on “Diving the Time Stream Workshops with Galahad…

      1. So Sir Galahad is not just in charge of your schedule, he’s actually a named partner. Must be tough living under the same roof as all your five bosses. 😀

    1. Galahad has a lovely tail. And a very insistent meow. We have five indoor cats, pampered rescues all. All with scars and disabilities from their time in the wild. All rich indoor kitties now.

      We have one outdoor cat. We’ve been feeding him for two years and got him fixed that first summer. This summer, he brought me a dead bird and let me touch his back. Apparently, we’re friends now. 🙂

      1. Awww. I love when outdoor kitties decide to trust you. The last time that happened, we ended up with a guy who’d show up nightly at 11 PM and yowl till we fed him. But he also tolerated being picked up and petted.

        We only have 2 indoor cats — one who was born in our yard, and one we got from a pet fostering organization. The latter has a club foot and was almost put down as a kitten b/c of that.

        1. This morning, the outdoor cat was super affectionate for him. Which meant that he purred at me. We had a bad storm this weekend, and he was happy to be out of it.

          Our Molly has no hip. It was shattered when she was a kitten, so a local organization paid for her surgery, provided someone adopt her afterwards. (Otherwise she would have been put down too.) We did, reimbursed the organization, and now we have a cat who gets very sore on rainy days, but otherwise runs around like she has a complete hip and leg.

          Good for you on your little club foot cat. I love stories like that.

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