Romance Mini Bundle–with a touch of sf, fantasy, adventure fiction & holiday cheer

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I’m lucky enough to participate in another StoryBundleUp_On_the_Rooftop_Cover_Final. This one lasts for ten days only, starting today. You can set your own price for four fantastic romance novellas, or pay as Galatea_Cover_Finallittle as $6 and get seven novellas. The other writers in the bundle are New York Times bestsellers Mary Jo Putney and Jo Beverly, #1 New York The_Christmas_Cuckoo_Cover_FinalTimes bestseller Stephanie Laurens, fan favorites ML Buchman and Laura Leone. I’ve got a Kristine Grayson novella in the bundle. Jo, who won Writers of the Future before turning to romance, contributed an sf romance (called futuristic); Daniel's_Christmas_Cover_FinalLaura Leone, whom many of you know as Laura Resnick, contributed a paranormal romance, as did I. Mary Jo and Stephanie have straight-up historicals (with some spice), and Matt, the rising star in the group, contributed two military suspense stories–both romance.

Frank's_Independence_Day_Cover_FinalSo, if you’ve never tried the genre, you can, with some of the best in the business. You’ll find something you’ll like here. Melting_Ice_Cover_FinalIf you’re a romance fan, but have never read some of these authors, here’s your chance to try them for a reasonable (okay, I’ll say it: cheap) price. The_Trouble_With_Heroes_Cover_FinalThe books are DRM free. And you can give them away year-round, which is appropriate, since two are holiday-themed. You have ten days to get this offer, and that’s it. The books will be downloaded immediately to whatever device you have.

I’m tech-challenged, and I downloaded the bundle when we completed it. It was unbelievably easy to do.

So, set your price for seven amazing e-book novellas. Go. Do it now. You have until October 10. What are you waiting for?Unknown-1

4 thoughts on “Romance Mini Bundle–with a touch of sf, fantasy, adventure fiction & holiday cheer

  1. How fun! I scooped up my copy. StoryBundle is doing some wonderful things, and I had a lot of fun being part of the recent YA bundle they ran.

    I’ll spread the word, and I hope you find many readers with this one. 🙂

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