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How did it get to be February 1? I’m buried on a bunch of projects, with more coming up. (Yes, Retrieval Artist fans, the third novel in this cycle is proceeding apace.) Before I forget what day it is again, I figured I’d better share this timely information. 

2940016390956_p0_v1_s260x420First, I’m participating in a book bundle done on My novel, Alien Influences, which was a finalist for the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award, is in the bundle, along with books from Kevin J. Anderson, Brad Torgersen, Brian & Jan Herbert, Mike Resnick, L. Neil Smith, and Robert J. Sawyer. The coolest part of the bundle, at least in my opinion, is that the organizers included a Leigh Brackett novel. b-leighLeigh Brackett’s books are hard to find. And yet, you’re all familiar with her work. She wrote the screenplays for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, The Big Sleep, The Long Goodbye and Rio Bravo. Like previous book bundles I’ve done, this is a set-your-own price deal. Minimum for six novels is $2.99. If you want to add the Resnick and the nifty Leigh Brackett, the minimum is $10. So, go, get some DRM-free books, and enjoy!

Street Justice eboo#14C5CF9Since you’re already buying books, WMG Publishing has just set up their pre-order page for the long-awaited Smokey Dalton novel, Street Justice. You can preorder both paper and ebook formats. (And book dealers, there’s ordering information for you too.) Or, if you prefer to hear Mirron Willis read the book to you, you can preorder the audio edition here. The book will be released on March 18.

And, as many of you who read my business blog know, we’re in the process of redesigning websites everywhere, including this one. I’m going to put up some pages for WMG workshop sign-ups this weekend, but I’m adding this notification to this post because the information is time-limited. This is from Dean’s site. If you have any questions or want to sign up for workshops, please contact him through the links below (or the e-mail listed here):

There is still room in the February workshops. Pass the word to anyone you think might be interested. The workshops start on Monday and I’ll be sending out information to everyone signed up. If you are signed up and don’t get an e-mail from me before Saturday night, please e-mail me at dean at

Class #26… Feb 3rd … Character Voice/Setting
Class #27… Feb 3rd … Pacing Your Stories
Class #28… Feb 4th … Cliffhangers
Class #29… Feb 4th … Openings
Class #E-2… Feb 5th … Designing Electronic Books
Class #30… Feb 5th … Genre Structure
Class #31… Feb 6th … Pitches and Blurbs
Class #32… Feb 7th … World Building

New Audio Workshop starting in April. And two new lectures this month. For more information, hit the links below.

It’s winter, we’re having fun. That’s why so much workshop activity right now. It will settle down soon.
Lecture Information

Workshop Information

I think that’s enough for now. Enjoy some books and take a few classes before the weather gets nice again. And brace yourself for website changes. I know I am. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Book Bargains, Preorders, Nelscott, and Workshops!

  1. I’d like to plug the online seminars Kris and Dean do. Just today, I submitted my first short story to a big-name magazine, and it went smoothly (3 day from concept to the send button), because I had my marketing materials ready from “Pitches and Blurbs.” I was primed and ready to “just do it” and move on. I didn’t rewrite at all. It’s out, I’ll find out within 90 days, and I can move on with my life. Without the seminar, I think I’d dither over it until May.

  2. Hi Kris,
    I notice that not all the Smokey Dalton novels are in paper. Any chance that’s going to happen? I seem to remember a blog note that they might all be issued in paper sometime this year. The ones I’ve read are so good that I want real books of the whole series. How about a bundle of all the Smokey Dalton novels? (Just asking)

    I just finished the Smokey Dalton short story “Family Affiar.” It reaffirmed my high opinion of the series. Great stuff!

    Ken Talley

      1. Kris,
        I did look again, picking a few titles at random. Stone Crib is e-book only. Some of the others (Days of Rage, War at Home) have old paper and are from St. Martins (must be old editions since the paperback costs $46–Yikes!”) As a reader, I’d sure like a set of uniform editions with the great covers from WMG.

        Anyway, they are still great reads and I’ll hunt around for those I don’t have.

        1. Ken, they are out and available from WMG. Where are you looking? What site? Because sometimes the links on the site are not set up properly. Please let me know where you’re looking so that this can be fixed on that site for other readers. And if you like, you can order direct from WMG (

          1. I’m worried that the link is right in front of me and I’m not seeing it. So I checked again. Here’s what I did:
            1. Cllicked on pre-order link above in blg,
            2. Which sent me to WMG pre-order page. Here there is a link to pre-order a paper copy of Street Justice.
            3. Clicked on “Authors” tab at top of page to see if other Smokey paperback books are there.
            4. Clicked on Kris Nelscott tab on left of page,
            5. Sent me to Smokey Dalton series,
            6. Click on Stone Cribs, which was available from Audible and Amazon and others,
            7. Clicked on Amazon, no paper editions available,
            8. Went back to previous page and clicked on “Smoke-Filled Rooms,” where a paperback from wmg was offered,
            9. went back to previous page and clicked on War at Home: only available print edition was from Minotar (old, bad cover), price $46; no wmg paper.

            Hope this helps. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.

            Good luck (to both of us!)


            1. So it’s an Amazon problem. I’ll let WMG know that the links to existing books aren’t working for some reason.

              Here’s Days of Rage:

              War at Home:

              Stone Cribs:

              Right now, the way to get to them, that I could find, is search under the name Kris Nelscott on Amazon. They’re all listed. Thanks for pointing this out.

          2. If you look for “Stone Cribs” in Books on Amazon, you get the old version first then the new WMG ebook and audio editions. The “Stone Cribs” link in WMG goes explicitly to the ebooks version. The new edition paperback on Amazon is a completely separate entry.

  3. Just picked up this second Book Bale bundle — another GREAT value for readers, just a great selection of books in this collection!

    Also picked up the Ray Gun Chronicles anthology through Every Day Publishing’s offering on — it’s a nice DRM-free version and Tomely, like Smashwords, allows direct download of the file for use on any OS or reader. I was very happy to see this option offered (in addition to the standard Amazon, B&N, Nook combo, all of which require using their specific app and/or hardware).

    Thanks for including your works in these great products!

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