A New Kris Nelscott Novel! Finally!

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Street Justice eboo#14C5CF9I’m celebrating, because I thought this day would never arrive. After nearly eight years, I have finally published a new Smokey Dalton novel.

I never gave up on Smokey, although my traditional publisher did. From the start, in fact. Only my wonderful editor believed in the series. The rest of the company was very confused by my Smokey Dalton series, and screwed it up in a variety of ways. By the time I finally left after an insulting offer, I had missed the opportunity to sell the series to another publisher. (I had opted to stay with the first publisher in 2003–a stupid move on my part.) Other publishers told me they wouldn’t take the series with so many previous books at another publisher.

Then WMG Publishing came along. I decided I wouldn’t write the next Smokey Dalton book until I knew for certain that WMG could do a better job than any New York publisher ever could. It took three years of work with WMG before I felt comfortable enough to write Street Justice. I finished the book last year, and WMG began the kind of promotion that New York publishers reserve for their bigger titles. We have no hope of getting on lists. What WMG (and I) hope for is that the book finally gets into the markets where it belongs–from mystery bookshops to African-American bookstores. (I’ve put up Amazon links to the trade, ebook, and audio book because it’s easiest for me, but you can find the novel in bookstores worldwide.)

The promotion on this first Smokey novel in eight years is focused on letting people know that the series even exists.

I know many of you have only heard of my award-winning critically acclaimed Kris Nelscott pen name. I also know a lot of you tried to buy the Kris Nelscott books back in the day and were unable to because the first publisher didn’t distribute the books to most parts of the country.

For those of you who weren’t able to find the books back then,  you can find them now, thanks to WMG and Audible. All the previous novels are available in trade paper, ebook, and audio book worldwide. (Oh, that pleases me like you will not believe.) A Dangerous Road eb#14C5A26Start with A Dangerous Road, if you want to start at the beginning which–honestly–is probably the best place to start.

Street Justice does stand alone. All of the Nelscott books do. But it’s a richer read if you know Smokey’s history–and not his publication history. His fictional life story. I’m so glad his story is back in print.

Smokey is making inroads in a variety of places. A Dangerous Road is in development in Hollywood right now, and I’m getting other nibbles on different Smokey-related projects. Because WMG is doing this right–and getting the word out. I hope you pick up one of the Nelscott books–be it the first, A Dangerous Road, or the latest, Street Justice. And I hope you enjoy reading those books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. They truly are, as the romance novelists say, books of my heart.

20 thoughts on “A New Kris Nelscott Novel! Finally!

  1. Bought it! So glad it’s out – congrats, Kris. I discovered the series on this blog a couple of years ago, loved it, and have been waiting for the next one. (And as a fellow historical mystery author, I’m enjoying your series on several levels.)

  2. Congratulations, this is so great! I remember looking at a Smokey Dalton book long ago and for some reason it didn’t click with me then. It was probably somewhere in the middle of the series. Your discussion of this new one got me interested, but when I get interested in a series I do like to start at the beginning, since if the writing is good, the characters will evolve and I want to watch as it happens (I’m only up to “In the Presence of the Enemy” in the Barbara Havers books. Yeah, yeah, the Inspector Lynley books, but we know who’s the real star in these). And my own own first novel was set in 1965, so I’m fascinated by good research into the era. Unfortunately, right now I can only squeeze the ebook of “A Dangerous Road” into my budget, but someday I may be able to collect the whole wonderful-smelling paper set!

  3. Hi Kris,
    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, the writer, and us, the readers, that all the Smokey Dalton books are now available. I read the first of the series, Dangerous Road, last summer stuck in Jasper, Alberta, with a busted car and the book helped save the trip from being a complete disaster. I’m looking forward to the rest of the books now that they’re all available. Just as soon as I get my clogged gutters unclogged (we’ve had more rain than even we Seattlites can handle!!), I’m buying the rest of the series (in paper). Can’t wait. You must be happy and proud.

    Take care and I hope the books sell like gangbusters!

  4. That’s great news! I happened to read “Sob Sisters” in Ellery Queen, and just yesterday I finally read “Family Affairs,” which I’d nabbed here on a Free Fiction Monday. I loved them both – I feel like they wring real-life drama and pain out from a dark corner that’s usually neglected. They’re written with awareness, attention to detail, and intelligence that I find all too rarely.

    “A Dangerous Road” was on my Buy-Next list anyway, and this good news bumps it up to Buy-Right-Now. 🙂 Wishing you all the best moving forward!

  5. I’ve really enjoyed the two Smokey Dalton short stories you’ve had up this year (discoverability via short fiction!), and after yesterday’s I’ll definitely be looking for the first novel in the series. It’ll have to be from the library, as the budget’s tight at the moment, but what wonderful news for you — and your readers.

    1. Thanks, Victoria. The library is great–because it helps others discover the book too. If they don’t have it, ask them to find it in interlibrary loan or to order it. (And that, folks, is how discoverability helps sales.) Thanks so much for the kind words!

  6. Smokey and his friends are great. And also a “pffbbthh” to people who whine “But I can’t write diverse characters, wahhhh!”

    I wonder if I can get a book into a nearby library system which serves a lot of African-American people. D’ya think the original home of the Black Panthers might be interested in this? 🙂

  7. Wait a sec. I thought WMG was your own (you + Dean’s) publishing company. My mind is now blown that I have somehow misunderstood this since the beginning. O_o

  8. Hurray !
    Now at least I know the publishing “what happened.”

    I probably need to go back and read Dangerous Road again and go from there, huh. 🙂

    Congratulations, Kris.

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