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Where_Dreams_Are_Born_Cover_FinalAcclaimed romance writer ML Buchman asked me to participate in brand new Storybundle. I’m thrilled about this one. I have read almost every single novel in it, and can recommend them. If I haven’t read the book, I’ve read work by the author, and in the cases of ML Buchman and Anthea Lawson, bought their short work for Fiction River: Christmas Ghosts.
(They both have stories in other Fiction River volumes as well.)

Sonata_For_a_Scoundrel_Cover_FinalI’ve recommended Kay Stockham’s work in the past. She’s marvelous. And then there’s Dean, who writes great time travel western romances. I hadn’t read Terry Spear’s work before, but I will now.

Huntress_For_Hire_Cover_FinalAnd Karen L. McKee might look unfamiliar to some of you, but she’s got a story (as Karen L. Abrahamson) in the Fiction River Special: Crime, as well as many upcoming issues.

Blind_Man's_Bluff_Cover_FinalGreat writers, great books, lots to read–and you can donate to one of three charities. Remember, with a Storybundle, you can set your own price.

Shades_of_Moonlight_Cover_FinalI have two books in this bundle. The first which you can get in all the bundles is the first novel in the Kristine Grayson Fates series. Simply Irresistible was nominated for Best Contemporary Paranormal Romance by RT Book ReviewsBooklist said:

  • Simply Irresistible is an enchanting blend of sweet romance, mythology, and magic as Grayson puts her own unique magical stamp on figures from Greek myths and fairy tales, including a deliciously over-the-top super villain and a hero who inspired the creation of Superman. And Grayson’s clever, humor-tinged writing is absolutely delightful.”Simply_Irresistible_Cover_Final

My second book in the bundle is one of my personal favorites, The Death of Davy Moss. About the book, Midwest Book Reviews said:

• “The Death of Davy Moss is an original romance novel about a modern-day Elvis. Davy Moss was a pop culture sensation, until his alleged death in a terrible accident, fifteen years ago. The fans keep his memory alive, but Davy Moss himself has traded fame and fortune for the relative anonymity of his quiet new life as Josh Candless. When he crosses paths with music promoter Emily Lukovich, she recognizes his talent and wants to make him a star, unaware of his nigh-celestial past. Thunder_Mountain_Cover_FinalThe sparks of love begin to stir between this unlikely couple, but at what price? Davy Moss once abandoned everyone he knew; will Josh Candless do the same? Complex characters driven by multiple motivations form the hallmark of this serenade, especially recommended for readers who enjoy music as surely as they do romance.”

9780615862019_p0_v1_s260x420You can get Davy Mossalong with Karen L. McKee’s marvelous novel, and one of ML Buchman’s award-nominated Nightstalkers books if you pay as little as $12 for the bundle. But you can forgo the bonus books and pay as little as $3 for six books. You can’t beat that. Try some authors you haven’t read, or a genre you haven’t read. I can vouch for these books. They’re perfect springtime reading.


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