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UnknownBoy, have I had my head down of late. I finished Discoverability and sent it off to WMG Publishing mid-month. I put the missing chapters (two of the three I had to add) on this site. Here are the links to the first and the second. I’m finishing up Masterminds, the last book of the big Retrieval Artist arc, and have been in meetings, meetings, meetings all month about the various ways to promote the new books when they start appearing in January. More on that soon. I’ll do a regular Retrieval Artist update in a week or so. I know I’m behind on the Recommended Reading List (12 days and counting!), but I’m almost there.

What got me out of my head-down-full-speed-ahead mode is the release of a new Fiction River volume. Dean edited it, and as usual, he surprised me with his choices. He’s an amazing editor. Read the stories in order when you get the volume. You’ll see the incredible flow. 

I have a story in the volume–“The Space Between Hope and Dreams”–which surprised even me in the writing of it. I join twelve other writers whose work I just love. I’ve been reading some of their stories for years. In the volume, you’ll find stories from Lee Allred, David H. Hendrickson, Richard Alan Dickson, Darcy Pattison, Phaedra Weldon, Rebecca SW Bates, Jamie McNabb, Steven Mohan, Jr., Kellan Knolan, Karen L. Abrahamson, Dean, and Rob Vagle. I’m putting up the Amazon link to the trade paper because I’m lazy, but if you want to order from another site, go to this post on WMG Publishing’s website. You don’t have to follow links either. You can find trade paper and ebook versions of the book at all your favorite retailers. Or you can subscribe here.

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