Best Laid Plans…And Kittens

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I reserved time in my schedule today to update you on four stories of mine that’ll appear in September…but you know what? I got contributors copies already (yay!) but the books/magazines aren’t out yet. So next week on that. Later this weekend (I hope), I’ll update the Retrieval Artist, which always takes a bit more time.

Instead, I leave you a gift. I love this video. Jane Kennedy of WMG Publishing did it for the Kickstarter campaign, but I put it up as a standalone because I think it’s kinda accurate. 🙂

It’s called “How To Create An Anthology.”


4 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…And Kittens

  1. The video was fun, but I’m left with the burning question: is the kitten who co-stars in the video the same one we see on your home page?

  2. Miss Bailey and the kitten! I LOVE this one! Thanks for sharing, Kris. And Thanks to Jane for her creativity and camera savvy! (grin)

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