Retrieval Artist Update #7

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51njL3N9FqL._SL300_I’m done! I’m done! I’m done!

Well, not entirely done. I still have to go over Dean’s comments on Masterminds, the final book in the Anniversary Day saga, and then the book will go to the content editor. But the hard stuff–the getting-it-on-the-page stuff–all done. Whew.

513idCl0MYL._SL300_Eight books from Anniversary Day to Masterminds, which will end the saga next June. And then, yes, there will be more Retrieval Artist novels, just not right away.

What has happened since my last update? Lots of copy edits. A slight revision of Starbase Human. And finishing Masterminds. Later this month, the reissue of Anniversary Day will appear, with information about the upcoming saga, and you’ll be able to preorder the ebooks of A Murder of Clones (the third book). I’ll let you know when that’s possible, but watch for it!

Vigilantes ebook coverFor those of you who prefer the Retrieval Artist books on audio, Audible has just published the novellas, The Possession of Paavo Deshin and The Recovery Man’s Bargain. You should probably listen to Paavo before getting too deep in the saga. It’ll give you some context. Click on the titles or the covers, and you’ll go straight to the order pages.

And if you didn’t have enough covers, here’s the marvelous cover that Allyson Longueira at WMG Publishing designed for Vigilantes (Book 6). I’ll reveal more covers in a few weeks, along with a nifty, nifty book trailer. And as soon as my brain returns, I’ll move to all those other series/stories you’ve been asking me about–not Retrieval Artist. Hmmm, after two years of RA novels, that’ll be a true luxury for me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Retrieval Artist Update #7

  1. Great news! Congratulations. Looking forward to binge-reading the new books as they come out. I tell you what–I have enjoyed this series more and more with each book.

    I forgot about the short novels somehow. So now I’ll have something to keep me tied over until the next book.

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