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Discoverability ebook cover webIt wasn’t until I wrote my November column for The Grantville Gazette that I realized something. In addition to writing six books of the Retrieval Artist, writing fifteen short stories (some novellas), teaching workshops, buying two new businesses, and editing (or overall editing) several anthologies, I also wrote a 300+ page nonfiction book about marketing. All in one year. No wonder I’m tired. 🙂

Today is the official publication day for Discoverability. You can get the posts that I folded into the book free here on my website, but the posts are as raw as the day they went up. I touched them up, revised advice to fix the changes that have already occurred in the industry, and added some chapters. Plus, the book makes a lot more sense than the blog posts because the book is in order. Yep, I even wrote Discoverability out of order. [sigh] Me and my recalcitrant brain. I think the book is quite strong, and if you read it chronologically, you’ll learn a lot more than you will from the free blog posts or from reading the book out of order. (I did write it so that you could dip into the chapters that interest you, so if you are reading in order, you’ll see some repeated definitions.) 

I know a lot of you preordered (thank you!), but I also know many of you wanted the paper book or wanted to download an ebook from your favorite etailer (many of which do not offer preorders). Now you can get your copies. The paper book is making its way to brick and mortar stores, but it’s available in most online stores. The ebook is available everywhere. The audio book will be done sometime next year (I think). So…discover Discoverability! And have fun with it.

Since we’re talking writing books, let me remind you about the storybundle that Kevin J. Anderson put together just in time for Nanorimo. You can get 12 writing books for a great price. Head on over to Storybundle…after you pick up your copy of Discoverability. 🙂

Me, I’m going to write a new short story. Or read something. Or take a nap.

11 thoughts on “Finally! Discoverability!

  1. Saw the announcement on Joanna Penn’s website. Just ordered the paperback from Amazon today (I still love paper best). I miss your business blogs. This will give me another “fix.” Even though my books are non-fiction, your information helps me understand the greater context. Also, even though I have had many years in the book industry in many roles, I have always learned something new when I read your blogs. I know that this book will be rich in insight, too. Thank you.

  2. I’ve only read the first couple chapters of the book and already love it. I was schooled in the traditional publishing world, and despite going indie eleven books later, I find my mind still wanting to approach marketing from that traditional standpoint.

    Thanks for writing this. It gets better with every page.

  3. Hurrah! The posts were full of good information, so I couldn’t wait to add the official book to the business shelf, for when my books 2 & 3 finally come out…

  4. A well-deserved nap! ‘Discoverability’ purchased.

    (Rest first, and later I’ll tell you that B&N is listing Allyson Longueira as the author.)

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