Retrieval Artist Update #8

Starbase Human ebook cover webI have no way to express to you how busy the last few weeks have been. I taught a week-long workshop that ended over the weekend. I’ve had many business/publishing matters to tend to. I’ve had to catch up on some short stories I’ve promised to editors. And I’m now writing a new Kristine Grayson novella–in time for the holidays, I hope. I’m also finishing up the Recommended Reading List for the month and hope to post it in the next two days.

Dean read the final book in the Anniversary Day Saga, Masterminds. He had a few suggestions. I sent the book to the content editor who, at last discussion, is nearly done with her first read. I finally had a chance to go over the copy edit for Vigilantes. The copy edit for Starbase Human arrived during the workshop, so I haven’t had a chance to look at it. The proof for The Peyti Crisis showed up, and the Advanced Reading Copies (ARC) of that will go out soon. Allyson Longueira designed a marvelous cover for Masterminds, which I’ll show you next time. As I typed that, I realized I hadn’t shown you the cover for Starbase Human yet, so here it is, along with a cover you have seen.

A Murder of Clones #23C403FYep, I put up the cover for A Murder of Clones because you can now pre-order it! Well, you can pre-order the ebook on three sites: Kobo, iTunes, and Amazon. I don’t have the link to iTunes because I’m inept and can’t easily locate it, and I want to return to my fiction writing. But I have linked to Kobo and Amazon for you. I’ll let you know when the audiobook pre-order goes live.

A Murder of Clones official goes on sale everywhere on January 13, 2015. Then you’ll be able to get the remaining books in the saga one per month until Masterminds appears in June. To tell you I’m thrilled that Clones is finally for sale is a complete understatement. I’m ecstatic. All that work I’ve been doing is finally going to see the light of day–while I get to play in other universes for a while. What you’re seeing here is a tiny moment of writer joy. 🙂

4 responses to “Retrieval Artist Update #8”

  1. Justin says:

    Excellent news. Has the timeframe been sorted yet for those of us who read on paper? Also, I remember mention ages ago about a potential all-in-one bundle — Is that still in the cards, and if so would it likely just be ebook, or paper as well? Thanks!

    • All of the books will be published in paper. You just can’t preorder them. As for an all-inclusive bundle, that will not happen in 2015. Maybe somewhere down the road. The publication date for all types of editions of Murder of Clones, including audio, is January 13, 2015.

  2. Tracey says:

    January seems so far away…I guess I’ll reread some of the previous books so I’ll be ready!

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