A New Short Story, A Holiday Bundle, And A Secret

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9781614752028_p0_v1_s260x420I knew the secret would catch you all. 🙂 Last year, Kevin J. Anderson invited me into his first holiday anthology (along with Dean and many of our good friends who happen to be writers). I strongly recommend one of my all-time favorite stories which Kevin reprinted in that anthology in the special holiday recommended reading list, which you can find here. At the same time, Kevin asked me to contribute a new holiday story to this year’s anthology, A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Storieswhich Kevin co-edited with Keith J. Olexa.This volume has a great line-up, including Patricia Briggs, Heather Graham, Mercedes Lackey, and so many more. I’m happy to announce Kevin included my story “Midnight Trains” in the volume as well.

You can find this volume on all the ebook sites and in many bookstores. But here’s the secret: You can also get it as part of a Holiday StoryBundle that I’m in. In fact, you can get both of Kevin’s holiday anthologies, Fiction River’s holiday anthology Christmas Ghosts, and my Kristine Grayson Santa novella from last year, Visions of Sugar Plums. (In case you haven’t noticed all the covers on this site, the new novella came out this week.) In addition, you can get Carole Nelson Douglas’s wonderful A Wall Street Christmas Carol, the first holiday novel Dean’s ever written—the heartwarming and strange Heaven Painted As A Christmas Gift, Mark Teppo’s marvelous Rudolph!, David Sakmyster’s amazing Silver and Gold, and a collection of incredible holiday stories from Jody Lynn Nye.

If you do holiday reading like I do, we have you covered this year. You can set your own price for the StoryBundle, and get a lot of great reading for the price of one of my novellas. For the price of a paper copy of one of these books, you can get all of the titles. (You have to pay a little extra to get the bonus books.) And–in the spirit of the season–you can designate some or all of your money to go to one of three charities.

You can also order these as presents, although I’m not sure how gifting works at StoryBundle. I just know it does. (And in that spirit, you have less than a week to get 12 writing books from another StoryBundle as presents for all the writers on your list.)

I tell you about this now so you can get reading. Because if you’re like me, the bulk of your holiday reading occurs between now and New Year’s Eve. Go forth, order, enjoy, and get your heart warmed. And drink a little hot chocolate for me.

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