The Return of Spade and Paladin!

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AHMJANFEB2015I know so many of you like my two sf-fan investigators, Spade and Paladin. Their latest adventure has just appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine‘s holiday issue, along with work from some of my favorite writers. You can get the January/February issue of the magazine on your local newsstand or order it on various online sites–or order a copy through AHMM’s website. I hope you enjoy “The Really Big Ka-Boom!”

4 thoughts on “The Return of Spade and Paladin!

  1. I bought the issue and read it. Loved it so much that I just bought the Early Conundrums collection (paperback) too. Spade and Paladin are unique sleuths and I even learned a little about con culture (I’m a mundane).

    Maybe this is a silly question but how long does it take you to write this story? It usually takes me 3 days to write a short story, but I’m trying to vanquish the critical voice and bring that number down to 1.

    Btw for those of you who read and write short stories all the time, Playing the Short Game by Douglas Smith is a must-buy. After a year of getting rejected by semipro markets, I wised up and submitted to a pro market that gave me a personal rejection with a request to send more. I nearly cried when I saw that, because it was a story that I believed was a rank failure. (Beginning writer, I know.)

    Thank you, Kris. 🙂
    (I’m typing on my phone so please forgive any clunkiness above.)

    1. Thanks, Alexis. So glad you enjoyed the story. I hope you like the collection!

      It takes me anywhere from one hour to one week to write a short story, and the difference isn’t length. I often have to start several times to find the right opening. Also, I’m generally doing other things at the same time. So, on average, it takes me about 4-5 hours once I have a handle on it to write a short story. (I usually have a handle before I start.)

      And congrats on the good rejection! I hope you’re sending more. The editor is just looking for the right story from you.

  2. Congrats on the holiday double header in EQMM and AHMM. I always turn to your stories first. More, more, more Spade, please.

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