Search & Recovery Day!

Search & Recovery e#23DDF1DI’ve been so busy the past few days that I didn’t have a chance to prepare this post ahead of time. I figured I could do it this morning. Ooops! My bad. It’s 10 pm Pacific Time and I’m just getting to it.

Here’s the news: Search & Recovery, the fourth book in the Anniversary Day Saga, released today in all formats from trade paper to ebook to audio. I’m going to link to Amazon here, but rest assured, you can get the paper book from your favorite bookstore. (And if they’re not stocking it, ask why not.)

I’m particularly proud of this book. I hadn’t initially planned to write Berhane’s story, but I wrote a short story to explain her to myself, and the story grew. I suddenly realized why I had introduced her in A Murder of Clones. A lot of characters in Search & Recovery become important later on, so don’t miss this one!

2 responses to “Search & Recovery Day!”

  1. Rob Cornell says:

    Really looking forward to sinking into this one. I’ve become addicted to this series.

    Just have to finish the Stephen King I’m reading right now. 🙂

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