Here We Go, A’Bundling—With A Brand New Book!

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The Write Attitude ebook cover webI’m in a brand new Storybundle. I’ve curated this one, and I brought along a lot of writer friends. This bundle has something for every writer, from old pros to absolute beginners. I’ll tell you more about it in a moment, but let me do a different bit of promotion first.

My book in the bundle, The Write Attitudedebuted yesterday (at the same time as Starbase Human). The Write Attitude comes from uncollected blog posts throughout my five years of blogging on writing. The book is about attitude, yes, but it’s also chockfull of tips that will help you with everything from getting started to surviving the worst publishing can throw at you.

If you want to buy the book as a standalone (without the bundle), you can find it on all the standard sites. You can get the trade paper version through your favorite brick-and-mortar store when you pick up Starbase Human. (Or even if you don’t pick up Starbase Human.

As for ebooks, the standalone version is on all ebook sites, from Amazon to Kobo to Barnes & Noble and more!

But if you want ten other books, as well as a coupon for 40% off Jutoh (the epub design program), then head on over to Storybundle now. In addition to my book, you’ll find work from Leah Cutter, Vonda N. McIntyre, Judith Tarr, J. Daniel Sawyer, Chuck Wendig, Jerrold Mundis, Bob Mayer, Laura Resnick, and Douglas Smith.

Writing into the Dark ebook cover webOkay, I’ll confess: there are two D. Smiths in the bundle. The other is some dude named Dean Wesley Smith. He also has a brand new book in the bundle, Writing Into The Dark. It also has a trade paper edition, should you decide against the bundle. But let me warn you: If you buy my new writing book in trade paper and Dean’s writing book in trade paper, you’ll spend more money than you’d spend for all eleven ebooks. And that doesn’t even count the bonus Jutoh coupon. Plus, you can give some of that bundle money to one of two charities.

If I were you, I’d buy the bundle. But I’ve given you some choice here. And I hope you’ll use it. I’ll blog more about the bundle in a week or two. But let me remind you: I’m the one who chose the books for the bundle. It has everything a writer needs to know about writing and publishing, as well as some specialty books on genre, craft, and audio. Lots of good stuff there. Click on this link to check it out. (Oh, and here are the covers!)

All Covers Jutoh Large copy

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