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Remember my website redesign? It looked lovely, but it was already falling apart. All of that is due to some coding the person who was supposed to maintain the site did, stuff I can’t remove. He took my mobile-friendly design and made it unfriendly. And now parts are meeeeeeelting…and I can’t fix them.

So, I’m redesigning. Bear with me. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. But I think it’ll all come out okay in the end. (I hope.)

9 thoughts on “EXPECT A MESS! This Site is Under Construction!

  1. I loved the site as it was 2-3 years ago. The redesign, well, I’ve never liked it.

    As to mobile sites. I never use mobile sites from my iPad, or my iPhne. I’ve never seen a mobile site yet that didn’t work like a pile of bovine byproduct. OnSwipe (a big mobile site builder software supplier) is particularly bad, and what Wikipedia has done verges on criminal in my opinion.

    Ah, well, you didn’t need me ranting. But hey, 8’m me. I always rant.


    1. Google changed its SEO rules. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you fall in the search rankings. So I had to make the change this month. It just got me off my duff. The guy who “coded” my website didn’t know coding, had never had an education in it, and broke all kinds of things that are working now, like the RSS feed, and the comments (which didn’t work well on my end). So it’s an improvement. The old theme from 2-3 years ago hadn’t been supported in 5 years, and it showed… 🙂 Believe me, I’d rather be writing…

      1. Hmm. Hadn’t heard that Google changed the rules. Great, now I’ve got more work, since I’m pretty sure none of the sites I manage for people have a mobile option.

        Agreed. Writing is more fun. Our imaginary playmates need more exercise!


  2. Well, I like today’s color better than yesterday’s…

    Coding for mobile is a tarpit. I spend far too much time on that myself.

  3. That explains why the “Related” section under your posts says some of your posts have a ridiculous number of comments (like 14,970). Hope you can fix it before it explodes in your face, heh.

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