PARDON OUR DUST: This Site is Still Under Repair

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Oh, my, is there a lot of mess. And I’m still finding stray bits of code that don’t belong. You’ll probably see some too. Sorry about that. But things are changing, in a way that pleases me. I figure the website redesign will take all month.

At least the RSS Feed works again, and you can subscribe to the site in a variety of ways. If you find something truly wacky, let me know. Otherwise, assume the code and assorted meaningless stuff you’re seeing will soon fade away.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “PARDON OUR DUST: This Site is Still Under Repair

  1. It looks good!

    The only ‘thing’ I’ve noticed is with the comments, although I admit I don’t have a good feel for the ‘before’ of comments, as I mostly read, left a comment here and there, and never had a conversation.

    When I just replied to your reply in yesterday’s post, my reply box appeared way down screen (I had to go looking), and not in reply to the right comment/reply. It’s still awaiting moderation, so we’ll see where it shows up once approved (Your Benevolence…).

    Also, I have to log in again to comment each day. It didn’t hold my credentials since yesterday. A nit, perhaps, but I thought you should know.

    Having revamped my own site several times, my heart goes out to you. Be strong.


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