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I went on a short story writing binge after I finished the Anniversary Day Saga, and now some of those stories have hit print.

FR14 Valor ebook cover webFirst, I have a story in the latest Fiction River volume, Valor, edited by Master Sergeant (Retired) Lee Allred. Lee’s a fantastic writer, who writes for DC and Marvel, as well as writing his own work. He also helps me with military details in my science fiction (all mistakes are mine), and he helped me with a science fiction workshop a few years ago. He has very definite rules about military science fiction, which freaked me out writing a story for him. Fortunately, he liked “Embedded,” and took it for the anthology.

This volume of Fiction River has some breathtakingly marvelous stories. From Lee’s “Milk Run” to Steven Mohan, Jr’s pulse-pounding “H-Hour,” you’ll find stories that will surprise and entertain you. I have to admit, though, one of my favorite stories in the volume is Louisa Swann’s “Jelly’s Heroes,” which is the first story in a wonderful series. I’ve read some of the others as well. Believe me, once you meet Jelly and his friends, you’ll want to read everything you can find about them.

You can order this issue of Fiction River as a standalone book or you can subscribe to Fiction River itself. I’ve read most of the upcoming issues, and I’d recommend a subscription. The stories are that good.

The Midbury Lake Incident UA cover reducedSecond, I participate in a fun project called The Uncollected Anthology. It’s an anthology, kinda. A group of us, plus a guest writer, write urban fantasy stories based on a theme we all choose. I love this project: it’s encouraged me to write urban fantasy again.

August’s anthology, Magic Libraries, has Dean Wesley Smith as the guest author, and he contributed a Poker Boy story. I haven’t yet read the other stories in the “issue,” but I can’t wait to do so. They’re by names you Fiction River readers should recognize: Dayle A. Dermatis, Michele Lang, Leslie Claire Walker, and Annie Reed. To get the other stories, click on this link, then click on the images.

I love the Uncollected Anthology. I hope you will too.

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