Business Musings: Wish I Could Say Gone Fishin’

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I had a blog all finished for this week, and it was to auto-post late Wednesday night. It’s all about the World Science Fiction Convention and how to use conferences, but honestly, I don’t want to confuse matters.

For those of you who didn’t see the Wednesday morning post, I got into a run-in with the rental car, and have gotten injured badly enough that a long drive or an airline flight wouldn’t be smart at the moment. So I won’t be at Worldcon.

The other upshot of the injuries are that typing isn’t exactly fun right now, so I didn’t write a new blog either. Instead, I spent the day with old friends — John Rebus and DCI Alan Banks. (Mystery readers will know what I’m talking about.) I did let Dean buy me Chinese food for lunch as well.

I should be back next week. Heck, I’ve already typed more than I expected to, which is a good sign.

Those of you at Worldcon, please have fun. For the rest of you, I hope the days remaining in your week go very well. I’m heading back to my recliner, my cats, and the stack of novels on the end table.

19 thoughts on “Business Musings: Wish I Could Say Gone Fishin’

  1. I’ll pray for a speedy recovery. RICE is the acronym, think, but I can never remember what the letters stand for. So, if nothing else, enjoy some rice pudding. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear of your car accident, Kris. It has been an interesting Worldcon, with two days of blood red sun and smoke from the fires. I am considering goting to Mile High Con to listen to you there.

  3. Well, crud. :/ I just got the online con programming app thing to work (new phone, never used a smartphone before 😛 ) and was wondering why you weren’t in the attendees list, so I came here looking for clues.

    Massive suck, and awful timing on the part of the universe. I hope you feel better soon. [wave/hugz]


  4. Here’s a virtual SF card for you. Front of card: “When the shit is heading fanwards…” –Ian Rankin
    Open the card: John Rebus books, DCI Alan Banks books, and Kris-appropriate Chinese food all pop out.

    Wishing you strong healing from Canada.

  5. OUCH. Snuggle in, enjoy the cats and the reads, and heal. And know people are thinking of you and wishing you well.

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