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Enemy-Within-ebook-cover-lighter-webThat accident I had a few weeks ago knocked some information right out of my head, and I forgot my plans to announce some things. The day before the car and I had our incident, I had some wonderful news. My novel, The Enemy Within, won the Sidewise Award for Best Alternate History-Long Form.

I’m incredibly thrilled about this. I love the books and stories that get shortlisted for the Sidewise. I’ve been lucky enough to be in that company a few times. I’m really honored to win.

Here’s a link to all the winners and nominees. If you love Alternate History, you can’t go wrong with reading everything on this list.

Vatican VaultsAnd, if you love Alternate History, take a gander at this new anthology. David V. Barrett came up with this creative world in which Pope John Paul the First does not die one month after his ascension in 1978. Instead, he lives and becomes the most reforming pope of all time. The anthology postulates that John Paul opens secret Vatican documents to the world, and every story in the anthology comes from those documents.

It was a fun world to play in, and to imagine. My story, “The Island of Lost Priests,” which takes place in the 1970s, touches on the very edge of the time period we were allowed to touch. Some stories go all the way back to 800 A.D., and explore everything from magic to demons to alternate crime. (Guess where mine fits in.)

Unlike a lot of the things I mention here, this anthology appears in the United Kingdom first. So you folks across the pond can get the ebook and the paper version right now. The rest of you can order the paper version through online retailers, like Amazon.

I just got my copy, and what I’ve seen makes it all a must-read for me. I hope you’ll think so as well.

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