The Next Interim Fate Appears!

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Crystal CavesI’ve been so busy finishing up two major projects before I teach the mystery workshop next week that I almost forgot to tell you my big news!

Crystal Caves, the second book in the Interim Fates series, just appeared today. A writer shouldn’t love one baby more than her others (heck, writers shouldn’t call their books baby either; we’re all professionals here. [snort]), but I love Crystal.  She’s my favorite Interim Fate—which surprised me, considering I would have told you that Tiffany was before I wrote the books. (Poor Brittany. I love her too. And so do her friends and family.)

Crystal’s book is very different from Tiffany’s, which appeared last month. Tiffany learned how to negotiate life in a small city high school in Oregon. Crystal’s hip-deep in uppercrust Manhattan. And of all the Interim Fates, she’s the one who never wanted to leave Mount Olympus in the first place.

I hope you pick up this book. WMG Publishing marketed The Interim Fates series as YA, but it’s really just a fantasy series with protagonists who happen to be high school age. So, please, read. Enjoy. And remember, if you like this book, you can preorder the third, Brittany Bends, so you don’t miss a single word.

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