Free Fiction Monday: Corpse Vision

Free Fiction Monday: Corpse Vision

Joe Decker drinks because he can. In 1920s Paris, unlike Prohibition America, alcohol flows freely. He thinks he has come to Paris to write his novel, but he has come to Paris to block his visions with alcohol. The visions that started when he touched his first dead thing as a boy, the visions that no longer haunt him—until he sees a beautiful woman on a bridge over the Seine, a beautiful woman who died horribly, a beautiful woman he could have loved.

“Corpse Vision” by USA Today bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch is free on this website for one week only. The story’s also available as an ebook on Amazon, KoboiBooks, Barnes & Noble, and from other online retailers. 

Corpse Vision

A Faerie Justice Story

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The free story will be available for one week only. If you missed this one, click on the links above. There’s another free story lurking somewhere around the site. Track the story down, read, and enjoy!

16 responses to “Free Fiction Monday: Corpse Vision”

  1. This story is haunting . . . in more ways than one. Thank you. I can’t always afford to buy stories, so I look forward to FFM.

  2. David H. Durgee says:

    I see your point on issues with $0.00 pricing. I am now wondering how much effort would be involved in setting up a “lending library” where the only item available for a one week loan would be the story of the week. Do you have any idea how many readers are downloading your story of the week to their Kindles? Does the button give you any sort of a log of requests?

    If there are only a few of us and assuming you have an Amazon account and a Kindle library with a few copies of each of the stories available you could simply lend them to the interested readers for a week. I don’t know if this can be automated in some fashion, but if there are only a handful of Kindle readers it might be workable.

    Hope you are enjoyng the convention.


  3. David H. Durgee says:

    I just tried again and it is still not working. Just had another thought, perhaps you could set the price in the Kindle (and other) store(s) to $0.00 for the period a story is up for reading. Then the button would be unnecessary.


    • If only it were that easy, Dave. I don’t set any prices for free in a retail market like Amazon. It causes too many problems on the back end. I’ll see if I can fix it when I get home later next week.

      • Gnondpom says:

        Here is one way around to get the story on your kindle Dave: just copy and paste the whole text from your browser to a word-processor, save it as a .doc document and send it via email to your account.

        That’s a bit longer than just clicking a button but nothing too terrible.

        Enjoy your convention Kristine!

  4. David H. Durgee says:

    Is it something on my system, or is the “Send to Kindle” button out of order? I have been trying since yesterday and while the popup window opens and fills in I hit the “Send” button and get a “Sending” spinner that never finishes. After a while I have to close the popup window and try again.


  5. Gnondpom says:

    Maybe it is just me or my Amazon account, but the ‘Send to Kindle’ feature does not seem to work any more (I could not get it to work since last Monday, even using another browser or another electronic device). I can click on the button, get the Amazon identification pop-up, wait for the content that quickly appears. But then when I click the Send button I just get a turning wheel that mentions ‘Sending content’, which goes on and on and nothing else happens.

    It is too bad, it is so much more convenient for me to read on my Kindle rather than on my computer’s browser! And I always love reading your free story of the week.

    While I’m talking about technical problems, the two check-boxes below the ‘Leave a Reply’ grey rectangle don’t show any text for me (Notify me of new comments or new blog posts via email). I can highlight the text and then read it but not otherwise (it seems to be written in white letters on a white background).

    Sorry to bother you with technical issues…

    • Well, foo. The Send to Kindle should be working. 🙁 I’ll try to fix next week. I’m teaching & traveling this week. If someone wants to remind me, I’ll upload the plug-in again or something. (Maybe by then, they’ll have an update!) As for the comment stuff, yeah, I think it’s a (bad) feature of this theme. Sorry about that!

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