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After the Wedding UA cover epub(1)Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Uncollected Anthology has a new issue. This one? Happily Ever Afters. Guest author Anthea Sharp joins me, Dayle Dermatis, and Leah Cutter to give you the  most romantic fantasy stories possible.

The idea behind the Uncollected Anthology is this: we share a theme, and then sell the stories individually. (For those of you who read my business blog, there are business reasons for this.) So you order the stories individually on your favorite platform.

For more information on all the stories, please click here. You’ll find ordering information for various websites for mine there as well.

Here’s the blurb for my story, “After The Wedding”:

When Keisha married Ruben, she planned the perfect wedding—and the perfect wedding cake. But when an uninvited guest ruins the reception, it unravels not only Keisha and Ruben’s perfect day, but everything about their relationship.  

Keisha’s mother always said Keisha led a cursed life, but she never believed in magic. So, when an unexpected event brings Keisha and Ruben back together again, Keisha must make a choice: hold on to her beliefs or place her trust in Ruben once and for all.

Speaking of Anthea Sharp, Dayle Dermatis, and Leah Cutter, you’ll find short stories of theirs along with another short story of mine in Fiction River: Hex in the City edited by Kerrie L. Hughes. Hex is part of a Storybundle that I curated for the month of February. You can get 10 ebooks for $15 and give money to The Pearl Foundation, a scholarship fund founded by Grammy winner Janis Ian and her partner Pat.

FR-Hex-in-the-City-ebook-cover-webIn this bundle, you’ll find novels and novellas by Leah, Anthea, me, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Laura Anne Gilman, P.N. Elrod, Robin Brande, Leslie Claire Walker, and Judith Tarr. Yep, this is another “women in…” bundle.

As many of you know, I got upset last year when young female writers told me (repeatedly) that there were no women writers in science fiction (present company excepted). I also discovered that these young writers felt that way about fantasy as well (although I have no idea what gender J.K. Rowling is then, but that’s another tale). So I’m doing a series of projects to set the record straight.

I did a women in sf bundle in August. Six months later, the Women in Fantasy bundle is around until February 23. And then it goes away forever. Unlike the Women in SF bundle, in this bundle, I got to include a new generation of writers with writers who’ve written for decades. Robin Brande, Leah Cutter, Anthea Sharp, and Leslie Claire Walker got their start in this century. The rest of us got our start in the previous century.

The fantasy novels cover as much of the genre as I could manage and keep this to 10 books. That’s why I included Fiction River: Hex in the City. Yes, it’s urban fantasy (like Laura Anne Gilman’s Miles to Go), but it presents a wide variety of urban fantasy (and gives us our token men for the anthology).

Women in Fantasy ad 2016So head over to Storybundle and order yours before it goes away!

Finwomen of futures pastally, as I mentioned, I’m doing a series of projects to set the record straight about the women who have come before us in science fiction. The very first project I did will see print in September 2016. Women of Futures Past is an anthology of great sf stories written by the best writers in the business. Spanning nearly 100 years of science fiction, Women of Futures Past will open the eyes of anyone who believes that women never wrote or edited science fiction.

The anthology is now available for preorder in paper book form. The ebooks will come later. To find out where to order, click here.

And here’s the marvelous cover, with artwork by Christine Mitzuk.

So…a little bit of romance, a lot of fantasy, and some excellent fiction. I hope you find something here that interests you.

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