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Hmmm. That sounds like a great story title. I must consider it.

But right now, it’s a title for this blog post. Because at the moment, you can find my work in three different bundles.

First, for those of you who love short stories, have I got a bundle for you. Jamie Ferguson put together a bundle of twenty urban fantasy short stories, including one of mine, “The Scottish Play.” You can get all twenty short stories for $3.99. If you choose to pay just a little more, you can add a donation to the Humane Society or to Doctors Without Borders.


I have to tell you something that I don’t usually say about bundles. I have read—and loved—the work of every writer in this bundle. Most of them have had short stories in Fiction River. I can vouch for each and every story here, based on the writers alone. They’re marvelous. So pick this one up, because you’re paying less than you’d pay for the average short story anthology. This bundle will exist for less than two weeks, so head over to BundleRabbit right now for yours!

Speaking of high-powered bundles, Kevin J. Anderson put together a doozy. He calls it the Adventure Sci-Fi Bundle. This bundle includes fourteen full-length titles—twelve novels and two anthologies—as well as some sneak previews (including one for a Dune book). A portion of this bundle goes to the Challenger Learning Center for Space Science Education.

Adventure SF ad 2016

Kevin has work in here, of course, and so does Jean Rabe, and Dean Wesley Smith, and Brian Herbert, and Todd McCaffrey and many more. The anthology Launchpad is included here as well. I’ve been meaning to read that one for a while now, because everyone talks about how marvelous it is.

For those of you who’ve been putting off trying my Retrieval Artist series, here’s the perfect way to dive in. The bundle includes my book Buried Deep, which is a standalone title in the series. Locus called this book “a grand act of Sfnal imagination,”  SFRevue called it “An exciting, intricately plotted, fast-paced novel,” and The Edge said, “A high-velocity rush through cultures in full clash…as present and credible as today’s breaking news.”

This bundle will go away in a little over two weeks, so pick it up now. You can get yours at

2940158454790_p0_v2_s192x300Finally, a bit of a twist on the bundle concept. I know a lot of you don’t like to buy your bundles from the bundling website. You prefer to go to your regular ebook retailer. We moved the Not Only Humans Bundle that I was in a few weeks ago from a bundling site to Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble. So for $9.99, you can get $72 worth of science fiction and fantasy in one really cool bundle. This bundle includes my award-nominated standalone novel, Alien Influences, and eleven other great books. This bundle is only available until July 20, so once again, act fast. (You can see all the information on the bundle here.)

So, you can get 20 short stories, and 26 novels/books for great prices right now, just in time to download them all onto your device for your summer vacation. We’ve taken care of all your reading needs–provided you go and bundle up for summer. Quickly. Before the bundles vanish.

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