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The new Diving project turned into a novel. It surprised me, because the novel does not feature Boss. The book takes place at a sector base. I started the entire book as a novella, which I do very often to explain something to myself. But the novella kept going and going and going, and now I have a surprise novel.

The Falls ebook coverThe Falls will appear in October. A new Boss book will appear about six months or so after that–March, April–no firm date because I’m not done with it. But I can tell you I couldn’t have written the book about Boss without writing the book titled The Falls.

We have the cover. Philcold did the art, and Allyson Longueira at WMG Publishing designed the book. The book will appear in ebook, paper, and audio, just like the others. You’ll be able to preorder a copy starting sometime in late August/early September. Watch this space for more information or sign up for the newsletter. You can find the sign-up on the right side of this home page.

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  1. Glad to hear this will be out soon. Is this set at Sector Base W or Y that were visited in Boneyards? Perhaps Sector Base Z that they lacked information to find? Perhaps Sector Base X that seems to have been omitted? In any case I look forward to reading it and have offered to proof it as I did the Anniversary Day series.


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