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After a pretty quiet summer, I have a hectic few months of news to share with you all. Last week, I told you about the year’s bests. This week, let me share anthology and some bundle news.

UA cover Fortune Tales KKR epubFirst, my latest Uncollected Anthology story just appeared. Over a year ago, the women of the Uncollected Anthology picked the topics for 2016, and included Fortune Tales in it. Now, my students know this about me, but most of you don’t: I am not a big fan of stories about carnivals. I think it’s hard to top Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. I’ve only seen two stories that I like as much–Stephen King’s Joyland and Leigh Brackett’s “The Halfling.”

What did I find myself writing for Fortune Tales? A carnival story. Ack! And yet, I’m pretty pleased with it. “The Most Recent Madame Fortuna” joins stories by Leslie Claire Walker, Annie Reed, Leah Cutter, Rebecca Senese, and our guest author Stephanie Writt to form an anthology without everything being in the same volume. Yep, you have to buy the stories separately—for now.

You see, we women of the Uncollected are devising ways to collect the Uncollected without actually dealing with some messy bookkeeping that has kept us from putting the stories in one volume. We’ll probably start that practice with November’s issue or with January’s. Watch this space.

Until then, you can find links to “The Most Recent Madame Fortuna” and all the other stories here. Or if you’re just looking for Madame Fortuna, go here.

FRP3-Darker-Realms-ebook-cover-284The other anthology you’ll find my work in this month comes from Fiction River. The latest book in Fiction River Presents line, edited by Allyson Longueira, contains my story “Destiny.” I’m in great company here too, with David Farland, Thomas K. Carpenter, Louisa Swann, Stephen Mohan, Jr.,  Thea Hutchinson, Rob Vagle, and Richard Bowes. The volume’s called Darker Realms. You’ll find some great fantasy stories here, so pick up a copy or subscribe to the entire line.

FINAL+cover+-+200x300As I mentioned, I’m also in a few bundles. A while ago, I mentioned the Fantasy in the City bundle. It included several great short stories by marvelous award-winning and -nominated writers. It’s now been collected in an ebook anthology that you can get here. But it’s only available for a short time, so get yours now.

The Out of This World bundle will exist in this form for another week or so. You’ll find great science fiction and fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories here, including my novel, Alien Influences, all for one low price. You only have a few days to act, so click on over to BundleRabbit.com.



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