Women in SF Published—and New Diving Book! (Plus bonus video)

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I warned you: September is a busy month for news. It just keeps on rolling in. In fact, this morning, I received even more news in my email, stuff I had forgotten.

Yeah, it’s a fun month.

women of futures pastHere’s something really fun. The Women in Science Fiction project that I’ve been working on for the last year plus has finally hit print. Yep, you can now get Women of Futures Past in ebook and paper editions. If you would like to sample it, click here.

The reviews are excellent as well, what few I’ve seen.

Publishers Weekly says,  “…the tales themselves are the true stars: smart, beautiful, gracefully aged, and still challenging, each builds on the others in the collection.” It also says that I achieved my goal: “This anthology is modern and fresh enough to be valued by readers with contemporary tastes, and wealthy in the charm and tropes that draw fans of the classics.”

Kirkus says, “A collection of mind-expanding stories from some of speculative fiction’s best women writers,” and adds, “Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a keen eye for the stuff that makes science fiction memorable.”

Neato, nifty, keeno. (Yes, I’m still writing books set in the 1970s)

Time to pick up your copy. And more than that, if you would share it with friends, libraries, and schools, I would appreciate it. Let’s keep our fiction from getting lost all over again.

Speaking of what I’m writing, I just finished the second Diving novel of the year. The second one features Boss. The first one that I finished earlier this summer does not, but you Diving fans should read it anyway. It has Important Stuff.

Those of you who have never read a Diving novel might want to start with this one. Except for one small thing that the fans will notice, this book stands alone.

The Falls ebook cover web 284The Falls is now available for preorder in ebook form only from Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo. The paper edition, the audio edition, and the other ebook stores will appear on October 25.

Finally, you all know that WMG Publishing, Dean Wesley Smith, and I are conducting a Kickstarter subscription drive, right? We blew past our second stretch goal on Monday–thank you, everyone!–and we’re moving to the next. The stretch goals ensure that those who support us get even more rewards.

As an experiment, we’ve done several short videos, trying to use images, tone, and music to let you know what kinds of fiction we publish. On Saturday, I posted a fantasy video. Today, in honor of all the adventure fiction in Women of Futures Past and the Diving Universe, I’m posting the adventure video. If you like it, head to the Kickstarter to see more.


10 thoughts on “Women in SF Published—and New Diving Book! (Plus bonus video)

  1. I got my copy of Women of Future’s Past earlier in the week (had preordered so I wouldn’t miss the release date)! I’m so excited about this book. I came to the SF/F world via women authors and was shocked to hear so many of my favorite authors were unknown to younger writers. Thank you so much for keeping their excellent work in front of the reading public.

      1. Will do!

        Oh and for those interested, Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild anthology is currently $1.99 on Kindle. I don’t know if that’s the regular price or a sale, but it’s a good way to get the story Kris mentions in the introduction.

  2. Oh FINALLY! 🙂 I’ve eagerly anticipated “Women of Future’s Past.” Thanks to your starting this initiative I’ve found classics I always heard of but never saw anywhere (Jirel of Joiry) and got introduced to new-to-me treasures (Leigh Brackett).

    My entry to sci-fi/fantasy as a kid was a science fantasy novel, but when I got older and started wanting to submit to magazines, there didn’t seem to be any “space fantasies” or “planetary romances” around. I began to wonder if I fundamentally misunderstood the concept of “sense of wonder” because at that time, Mundane sci-fi / fantasy seemed dominant (and Weird Tales said I overdid it on the wonder, which made me gunshy). I found “A Princess of Mars” thanks to the movie, but I wanted more. And then you started the “women in science fiction” project and suggestions started pouring in …

    Thanks in advance for the great reads I’m sure to have. Also I somehow missed that you had a new Diving Universe book earlier this year, and now there’s gonna be two. Boy am I glad I check here today 🙂 My day is made. Congrats on the good reviews.

    1. Thanks, Jamie. I’m glad to help! And yes, sensawunder. It’s so great. I really enjoyed my reading for this project.

      The first new Diving book will be in October. Then there will be one next year. We’re still figuring out the pub date for that. And maybe more, since I wrote myself into an interesting corner that I’d like to crawl out of…

  3. “At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).”

    Bless you. Bless Baen.

    Annnnnd bought!

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