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No real publication news today. I just wanted to say thank you to the Kickstarter supporters and the people who have been sharing the Kickstarter with their friends. We hit our third stretch goal late yesterday. That means Kickstarter supporters over the $5 will get three additional books.

Frankly, I’m hoping that we will hit our fourth stretch goal in the week remaining on the Kickstarter campaign. I want to edit that fourth book–or rather, compile it. You see, all the Fiction River editors will get to pick just one more story, the one that got away, as it were, and we’ll put them together into one volume.

If we hit our fourth goal, that is.

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve been running a subscription drive for Fiction River, the anthology series that Dean and I act as series editors for. So far, Fiction River has had nine editors, including us, and it will have three more in the coming year or so. We love showcasing different voices, styles, and genres in Fiction River. You never quite know what you’ll get.

Head over to Kickstarter and watch the videos. We’re trying to give you a sense of the fiction without having you actually read it. (If you want a sample issue, head to Storybundle right now, get the Epic Fantasy bundle with lots of great novels, plus Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds. Once you spend your $15 (and give some to charity), you can download immediately, and sample Unnatural Worlds. If you like what you see, subscribe!)

As a teaser, here’s one of my favorite trailers for Fiction River. This one focuses on some of our writers. We’ve had 137 (or so), which is why they aren’t all in the video, but we have a few to share. Enjoy!

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