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the-falls-ebook-coverI started writing The Falls to explain sector bases to myself. I figured I had a novella at best, but the story got longer and longer and longer. More characters showed up, and it wasn’t until I was nearly done that I realized why I had to tell this story in this way. Diving fans, you need to read The Falls before you read The Runabout, which is the next Boss novel.

That novel, by the way, will make its debut in Asimov’s April/May issue early next year. Then the book will come out as a standalone in September, I think.

Until then, you have The Falls to think about. The book is available in ebook and in paper. The audio book got delayed until December 9, for some reason I’m not privy to. I’ll remind you when it becomes available.

If you haven’t read any of the Diving stories, you can start here. This novel does stand alone.

Here’s the back cover copy for The Falls.

Fleet sector bases close as the Fleet moves on. Everyone knows and expects it. But still, the announcement that Sector Base E-2 will close—although still thirty years in the future—breeds a mood of tension and anxiety.

So, when Rajivk Agwu finds two pairs of shoes on a trail near Fiskett Falls, but no sign of their occupants, his already heightened senses warn of danger.

Those on the base fare no better. Bristol Iannazzi, working on the notoriously delicate anacapa drive for a runabout, also notices something strange, something out of place, something dangerous…

Expanding the rich history of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s captivating Diving universe, The Falls provides an exciting and crucial backstory for future events.


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