Two New Stories

infinityTwo new stories of mine appeared in November, but kinda sorta got lost in the noise of the month. The first, “The City’s Edge,” appears in Bridging Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan. This is my second appearance in one of Jonathan’s Infinity anthologies. They’re hard sf and always a delightful challenge to write. This one had the added challenge of a quick turn-around. There are some great writers in here, including Ken Liu, Stephen Baxter, Pat Cadigan, and Charlie Jane Anders. I’m so happy to be in their company.

soulsThe second story, “Sales. Force.” was an absolute blast to write. The assignment was to write a dark noirish urban fantasy story, and I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before. I hope I achieved it. This anthology, Shadowed Souls, also has some amazing writers, including Jim Butcher (who also edited), Kevin J. Anderson, and Tanya Huff. Lots of good reading here as well.

I’m putting the Amazon links here for both books, but you can get them at any retailer–online or brick and mortar. Enjoy!

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  1. Geoffrey Dow says:

    It’s a shame Bridging Infinity’s ebook edition is published using Adobe DRM, since I got quite excited by the anthology’s author’s list (besides yourself). I hope you’ll make a point of letting us know when your piece is available (DRM-free) elsewhere, but I fear I’m going to miss out on most of the other stories in the book.

    • Mine will be available DRM free in about a year. You might want to write to the publisher (Solaris?) and see if they’ll change their policy. On this one, I have no clout. 🙁 Thanks for the interest, though!

  2. Candi Gomez says:

    (Checks library catalog)

    Yay, they have Shadowed Souls!

    System Availibility: 0 out of 4

    Holds: 6

    Dang it…

    (Places hold anyway.)


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