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ua-cover-fabulous-familiars-kkr-600x900Lots of Uncollected Anthology news. First, the latest edition of the Uncollected Anthology is out. Fabulous Familiars includes stories from Leah Cutter, Dayle A. Dermatis, Michele Lang, Rebecca Senese, me, and our guest author, Valerie Brook. Great writers here, with wonderful stories.

My story, for those of you who didn’t see the earlier announcement, is a Winston & Ruby story, the first in years! I’m really happy to have them return, and I think I might do a few more sooner rather than later. I think you’ll like “Un-Familiar.”

Those of us who participate in the Uncollected Anthology have heard your pleas for a collection of the Uncollected. First, for those of you who want this current edition for one price, head over to BundleRabbit. You can download everything at once. Thank you, Rebecca Senese, for organizing this!

heartspellsWe’re also collecting previous issues of the Uncollected. Thanks to the hard work of Leah Cutter at Knotted Road Press, we have four ebook collections of the first year of the Uncollected. My work is in two of those collections—Issue #3 Heartspells and Issue #4 Portals and Passageways. You can get the ebook editions by clicking on the titles in the previous sentence or on the image itself.

PortalsIf you want a paper edition of the first year of the Uncollected, then here’s the link to the one supersized honkin’ book. I’m using the Amazon link but you can find copies anywhere paper books are sold.

The Uncollected is a great way to read some marvelous urban fantasy and discover new writers. We’ll be collecting the Uncollected in a whole bunch of different ways, so watch this space, or better yet, sign up for the newsletter on the website for the Uncollected Anthology.

I think you’ll enjoy the stories as much as I do. Take a peek…

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  1. I had just promised myself NOT to buy any more books until I finished reading some of the backlog in my Kindle. But when the BundleRabbit email showed up with the new Winston & Ruby story — well, of course I had to get that. May they have many more adventures together!

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