“Overworked,” Diving, And More!

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I am pleased, honored, and startled to announce that my story, “Overworked,” appears in the 60th Anniversary Issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I’m really thrilled to share the cover with Lawrence Block, Ron Goulart, and John Lutz. Great issue. Pick up your copy online or in bookstores—or better yet, subscribe!

Those of you who read my business blog know that I now own the rights to all of the Diving universe books. You can get all of the books now in all regions, and U.S. & U.K. readers–at lower prices.

I haven’t forgotten you audio folks. The audio book of The Falls just appeared this week, read by the marvelous Flora Plumb. (The other books are also available in audio.) Enjoy!

Finally, you have about ten days to get your hands on the current writing bundle. It features my latest book on writing and publishing, Closing The Deal…On Your Terms, as well as several other spectacular books on craft and business. You can get this entire bundle for as little as $15, and donate to charity while you’re at it.

If you’re not in the mood to buy anything for yourself this holiday season, no problem. You can give the bundle as a gift. Storybundle has ways to make that happen if you click the right links. The recipient won’t know until you’ve bought them a present, until you let them know. No need to give the gift early or anything. So head over, and get eleven books for a great price.


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  1. I am in good company in that issue of AHMM. (“Beks and the Second Note” was my first sale since starting to write fiction again about four years ago; the spectacularly broken arm at the end of 2012 that kept me off work for over half a year actually had some positive things about it.)

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