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9781681772455_p0_v3_s192x300I’m proud to announce that my Kris Nelscott short story, “Still Life 1931,” appears in In Sunlight Or In Shadow, an anthology based on the paintings of Edward Hopper and edited by Lawrence Block. I’m in incredible company, and the reviews on this book are incredible. You can see some of them on the publisher’s website by clicking here.

The story follows a character of mine who first showed up in “The Monster in Our Midst.”  I needed to explore her motivations more, so I wrote this particular story. Yes, that means a new series, set in the 1920s, is pending. It’ll probably star Emerson who works with the NAACP, just like the “Monster” story.

If you want to read about Lurleen or just read a dang impressive anthology, pick up In Sunlight or In Shadow. It’s probably the best reviewed anthology I’ve ever been in, and deservedly so. If this book doesn’t sweep the Edgar short story category, I’d be shocked.

You can get the book at any bookstore. I’ve included the Amazon link to make things easy for you, but go to your favorite indie and get it there. By the way, I recommend the hardcover. It’s beautifully designed, with great art throughout.

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