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In October of 2017, the next Kris Nelscott novel will appear. It’ll feature Valentina Wilson instead of Smokey Dalton. (The next Smokey book will probably appear in 2018.) I’ve written about Val in Stone Cribs, and then again in a bunch of my short stories. She’s a different character in the short fiction than she is in Stone Cribs, due to life experience and the passage of time.

However, I’ve always wanted to write the novel that shows how she became the woman in the short stories. I had written three different versions before I realized I needed to tell a broader story. A Gym of Her Own will focus on Val, yes, but also on two other women—Pammy and Eagle.

Before I could write Gym, however, I needed to know who Pammy and Eagle were. So I did what I always do. I wrote a short story about them, which is now in the the January/February 2017 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. The story “Blaming The Arsonist” features both women and the gym itself. You can even read an excerpt from the story online here.

I hope you enjoy the short story. I’ll let you know as soon as the novel becomes available for preorder.

5 thoughts on “Read The Prequel to The Next Kris Nelscott Novel

  1. I also really emjoyed that Hidden in Crime story! I used to be able to read EQ magazine through the digital magazine site at my library,online, but it hasm’t been available for quite awhile.

    Also, very intense Monday story this week…

  2. You neglected to mention that you already had a story set in this gym in an issue of Fiction River. The Hidden Crime issue. I loved that story. I bought the issue of Alfred Hitchcock for this story, which I haven’t gotten to yet. You are creating very vivid characters around quite real pieces of history. Thank you.

  3. Do you know if there is a way to buy a digital issue of Ellery Queen from abroad? I’ve tried using various links they provide (Amazon, Apple, Kobo), but it just doesn’t work from my non-English speaking country. It looks as if their online magazine subscription is only destined to the US market – or the UK, I’ve checked on, it is available there. But there are English-speaking readers also in non-English speaking countries!

    It is frustrating since now I’ve gotten used to being able to read pretty much any ebook from the US, without the hassle (and high cost!) of sending a hard copy. So I guess I’m gonna have to wait a long time to read your short story. I still find that it doesn’t seem like the best business decision if they really don’t allow people outside of the US/UK to buy their magazine… And I’ve had the same problem with Asimov’s, so it is not the only magazine with this issue.

    1. I’d be surprised that you can’t either. I’ve heard you can. You’ll have to send them a message directly through their website. However, send me an email to my email address that I can forward to the editor to see if we can get you a copy.

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