Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, Cats And Romance And Snow!

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  A few months ago, one of my favorite people and one of my favorite editors, Denise Little, contacted me to let me know she’s editing a brand new romance magazine. She wondered if I, or more specifically, Kristine Grayson, could contribute a story.

Now, sadly, Grayson’s stories require me to be in a goofy mood, and last fall I was anything but goofy. (I’m edging back there now, however.) Every time I sat down to write a story, I came up with a serious romance, not a goofy one. So I wrote what I wrote–a story called “Snow Day,” and put it under Rusch. Denise had some necessary tweaks, all excellent, and all they did was remind me how much I had missed working with her. She is one of the best in the business, bar none.

Anyway, with the tweaks, she helped me come up with a story I’m very proud of. I’m also proud to be in the very first issue of Heart’s Kiss. We’ve needed a romance magazine for a very long time, and the fact that Denise is editing it, well, that’s just about perfect.

I haven’t yet read the other stories. I’m buried in my reading for the upcoming anthology workshop…which used to be called the Denise Little workshop, back when it started. Life took her in other directions for a while, but she’s back. Denise will return to the workshop in 2018, and we’re happy to have her. We’ve missed her. By the way, if you’re interested in coming to that, it’s almost full (even though it’s a year out), so you’ll need to make a decision fast.

Anyway–the other stories. As I said, I haven’t yet read them. But Denise has already chosen work from some of my favorites–from Mary Jo Putney and Laura Resnick (aka Laura Leone) to Christina F. York and Dayle A. Dermatis. There are some names on the list that I don’t recognize, and I can’t wait to read their work.

You can read my story online, but let me recommend the entire issue–and a subscription. I want this magazine to continue, which means people have to subscribe!

Speaking of fun projects and Dayle A. Dermatis, she’s the mastermind behind the Uncollected Anthology. A new issue has just appeared, and we’ve made a few changes. First of all, we’re collecting the Uncollected when it gets released, rather than waiting a few months. So, if you head over to BundleRabbit, you can download all of the Uncollected stories for this volume at one time for one low price.

This month’s Uncollected focuses on paranormal romance or fantasy with a touch of romance or, in my case, a cat story with a touch of magic and romance. The title of the anthology is Bewitching Love. You’ll find stories from Dayle and me, of course, plus Leslie Claire Walker, Stephanie Writt, Michele Lang, Leah Cutter, and our guest author, Lisa Silverthorne.

The other change we made is that we dropped the price of the individual stories to 99 cents each. (Mine initially went up at the wrong price, but it’ll be fixed on all sites by Wednesday.) You can mix and match–buy only the ones you’re interested in or buy them all. If you want them all, then pick up the Bewitching Love bundle. You can find information and links to everything from Bundlerabbit to your favorite retailer here. As well as a few links to other collected versions of the Uncollected. Find out why Charles de Lint called Fortune Tales “a strong anthology.” Why I love Fabulous Familiars. Why you really should read Winter Witches. Okay, clearly, we have fun. And the stories are just grand.


7 thoughts on “Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, Cats And Romance And Snow!

  1. I also love that you can get the Uncollected “collected” on BundleRabbit, with the option of getting all the stories in one volume like a magazine, and at a great price! I hope you do this with every time. Also, really enjoyed Snow Day. Thanks for sharing the new magazine.

  2. I’m so glad you’re collecting the Uncollected books thru BundleRabbit. Hunting them all down on Amazon one by one was hit or miss and frustrating. The magazine looks interesting and so does their subscription site. More stuff to explore.

  3. I got Heart’s Kiss on Amazon when it first came out. You can subscribe to the electronic edition, and cancel whenever you want. I’m about 2/3 through it, and also buried in Anthology Workshop reading right now, but I’ve enjoyed what I read so far.


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