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I’m so excited about this particular Storybundle that I’m a part of. First, I love every writer in it. All of them have appeared in Fiction River, and all of them write great fiction. You’ll find Lisa Silverthorne’s Isabel’s Tears, a novel about a magical inn; Dayle A. Dermatis’ Waking the Witch, a gothic mystery novel with some paranormal elements and a light romance; Kelly Washington’s The Pale Waters, the first novella in a four-part epic journey, and Erica Lyon’s Hot Waters, a steamy sea adventure novel.

If you opt for the bonus level, you’ll get Rebecca Senese’s ten-story science fiction collection Tales of Possibilities; Thomas K. Carpenter’s Revolutionary Magic, a historical fantasy and the first in the Dashkova Memoirs; Annie Reed’s A Death in Cumberland, a moody police procedural; Nebula Award finalist Cat Rambo’s Neither Here Nor There, a double collection of alt-world and real world fantasy stories; and Dean’s marvelous The Slots of Saturn, the origin story for my favorite superhero Poker Boy.

My contribution here is a collection of fantasy short stories set in WWII. I love these tales and hope to write more of them.

What ties all of these books together? Fiction River. Every author here isn’t just a Fiction River author; they’re also in the issue offered here: Recycled Pulp. Recycled Pulp is editor John Helfer’s audacious and successful multigenre volume, with some of the best stories we’ve ever published.

WMG Publishing’s Publisher, Allyson Longueira, assembled this Storybundle, and she managed something else: she got a great charity for you to donate to. SMART encourages kids to read—and what’s better than that? SMART puts trained volunteers one-on-one with kids, and then gives kids books to take home so they can read in their spare time.

So please, help kids read—and get some reading material for yourself. Oh, and I promise you: this bundle will enable you to escape Real Life for a while. And I think we all need that right about now. Enjoy!

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